Jeremy Powers celebrates with the spectators after winning the first Planet Bike Cup USGP in Wisconsin. © Wil Matthews

Jeremy Powers shown here celebrating after winning the first Planet Bike Cup USGP in Wisconsin © Wil Matthews

by Marion Hambrick

Gloucester, MA – Tropical Storm Nicole welcomed racers to Gloucester with torrential rains and winds but proved no match for Laura van Gilder (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) and Jeremy Powers (, who battled to victories in the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester Elite Women’s and Men’s races. Van Gilder currently leads both the Champion System MAC Series and the National Calendar Cyclo-Cross Series standings while Powers came in to the race second only to teammate Tim Johnson in the US Gran Prix overall standings.

Elite Men
After delivering the one-two punch at last weekend’s USGP Planet Bike Cup, Jeremy Powers and Tim Johnson of came to Gloucester primed to continue their dominance in the North American Cyclocross Trophy (NACT) series.

Jeremy Powers gained the early lead with Johnson, Ryan Trebon (Kona), Luca Damiani (Kenda Pro Cycling) and Davide Frattini (Hudz-Subaru) in pursuit. Trebon launched an attack and took the lead with teammates Powers and Johnson giving chase. Tristan Schouten (Planet Bike-Blue Competition Cycles) moved up to join the chase group with Frattini and Damiani. Trebon, Powers and Johnson continued to lead the race, putting several seconds between themselves and the chasers.

Not to be outdone by his teammates, Jamey Driscoll ( moved his way up through the pack and bridged to join the chase group with Schouten and Frattini. Trebon continued to push the pace and held the lead until Johnson made a key pass at the barriers. Powers later took the lead with Trebon and Johnson in close proximity. Teammates Powers and Johnson continued to trade positions while pushing the pace. The two eventually created a 22-second gap between themselves and chasers, leaving Trebon and Schouten to solo in for third and fourth positions, respectively. Johnson held the lead until his untimely bike change in the last lap gave Powers a 13-second gap and the win.

Commenting on the race, Frattini Tweeted, “Happy for my 6th place at Gloucester Day One after a week where I spent more time driving my car than riding my bike.” Frattini will join Johnson, Trebon, and others at the start Sunday as Powers goes for back-to-back wins at Gloucester.

Elite Women
Coming off top-10 finishes in the Planet Bike Cup, Amy Dombroski (Luna) took the early lead at the start. Maureen Bruno-Roy (Seven Cycles-Bob’s Red Mill) and Meredith Miller (Cal Giant-Specialized) gave chase, catching Dombroski near the end of the first lap. Miller later put some distance between herself and Bruno-Roy to turn up the heat on Dombroski. At the run-up, the two created a gap with chasers van Gilder, Bruno-Roy, Andrea Smith and Natasha Elliott in hot pursuit. However, they proved no match for the two leaders. The fast pace shattered the field and split the riders into smaller groups.

Dombroski and Miller continued to push, trading places for first and second positions, until a bike-handling miscue caused Miller to drop from first to fourth. Dombroski capitalized on the slip and regained the lead. She along with Miller, Bruno-Roy, Sally Annis ( Cycles) and van Gilder put seven seconds between themselves and chasers Wendy Simms, Andrea Smith (LadiesFirst Racing) and Kaitlin Antonneau ( The young Antonneau would go on to take an impressive sixth place in the race affectionately known as “The New England World Championships.”

Miller later powered back to the front with Simms on her wheel, then attacked to leave Simms behind. Van Gilder continued her pursuit of Miller, while Annis attempted to bridge up to the leaders. Miller and van Gilder created a three-second gap on Annis, while Dombroski remained further back and Elliott a distant fourth. A flat tire took Annis out of the running for the podium. Miller and van Gilder continued to push, creating a small buffer between themselves and Elliott. In the battle to the line, van Gilder attacked in the last quarter-lap and took the win.

Dombroski Tweeted, “Tough race in Gloucester today. Laura van Gilder took the big win. She is pure class.” In her post-race blog, Dombroski indicated she would not compete in Sunday’s race. However, expect the fireworks to continue as van Gilder, Miller, Annis, and others return for a second day of action in Gloucester.

Photo Gallery:

Elite Men:

Place Name Time Team
1 Jeremy Powers 1:01:58
2 Timothy Johnson 1:02:12
3 Ryan Trebon 1:03:00 Kona
4 Tristan Schouten 1:03:18 Prima
5 James Driscoll 1:03:41
6 Davide Frattini 1:04:09 HUDZ-Subaru
7 Valentin Scherz 1:04:40 Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks
8 Justin Lindine 1:04:48’s Garage-Scott
9 Derrick St John 1:05:05 Garneau Club Chaussure Ogilvy
10 Jesse Anthony 1:05:23 California Giant-Specialized
11 Luca Damiani 1:05:55 Kenda p/b Geargrinder
12 Dylan Mcnicholas 1:06:04 PEDROS
13 Jerome Townsend 1:06:19’s Garage-Scott
14 Adam Myerson 1:06:21 Team Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s
15 Philip Wong 1:06:22 Antero Resources – Seaside Cycle
16 Evan McNeely 1:06:39 EMD Serono-Specialized
17 Dave Hackworthy 1:06:46 Clement CX
18 Matthew O’Keefe 1:07:17 CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM
19 Simon Lambert Lemay 1:07:36 SpiderTech powered by Planet Energy
20 Pascal Bussieres 1:07:40 Team Spirit-Cannondale pb Rhus Elementi
21 Anthony Grand 1:07:48 Cyfac-Champion System p/b Revolution Wheelworks
22 Christian Favata 1:08:03 Favata’s Tablerock Tours and Bikes
23 Daniel Chabanov 1:08:10
24 Emmanuel Goguen 1:08:10’s Garage
25 Adam Snyder 1:08:32 Team Jamis
26 Brian Wilichoski 1:08:46 CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM
27 Erik Box 1:09:04 Cycles Devinci
28 Luke Keough 1:09:11 Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
29 Shawn Milne 1:09:25 Antero Resources – Seaside Cycle
30 Shawn Adamson 1:09:39 Cycle-Smart
31 Steve Fisher 1:09:43 Rad Racing NW-Hagens Berman LLP
32 Zachary Hughes 1:09:46
33 Aroussen LaFlamme 1:09:48 Xprezo-Borsao
34 Graham Garber 1:09:49 Silver Bull
35 Jesse Keough 1:10:00 Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
36 Kevin Wolfson 1:10:10 Independent Fabrication
37 Gregory Whitney 1:10:26 B2C2 p/b Boloco
38 Cary Fridrich 1:10:34 EMBROCATION CYCLING JOURNAL p/b Mad Alchemy
39 Joshua Lehmann 1:12:56 Pedro’s Race Team
40 John Hanson 1 lap Silver Bull-Central Wheel
41 Colin Reuter 1 lap
42 Thierry Laliberte 1 lap Xprezo-Borsao
43 James Harmon 1 lap 503 Cycleworx-LHCC
44 Stephen Pierce 1 lap Cambridge Bicycle-Igleheart Frames
45 Patrick Goguen 1 lap TEAM CF
46 John Burns 1 lap
47 Colin Murphy 1 lap Embrocation Cycling Journal
48 Peter Hurst 1 lap AXA Equitable Cycling Team-CRCA
49 Michael Hemme 1 lap Courage
50 Nicholas Weighall 1 lap California Giant-Specialized
51 Kiernan Orange 1 lap Ride with Rendall
52 Corey Knowles 1 lap Team ROG
53 Adam Sullivan 1 lap Wheelhouse-NCC
54 David Wilcox 2 laps PEDROS
55 Collin Huston 2 laps Moots
56 Tom Gosselin 2 laps FRANK Bikes p/b Kennebunkport Bicycle Co.
57 Ryan O’Hara 2 laps
58 Jonathan Awerbuch 2 laps
59 Pierre Vanden Borre 2 laps Embrocation Cycling Journal-Mad Alchemy
60 Conor O\’Brien 2 laps EMD Serono Specialized
61 Cort Cramer 2 laps Svelte Cycles
62 Myles Romanow 3 laps Kissena
63 Rodrigo Moraes 3 laps Edgartown Bicycles
64 Christopher Ragusa 3 laps CCB Racing-Wheelworks
65 Antoine Duchesne 3 laps Cycle Regis
66 Daniel Zotter 4 laps Team ROG
67 Peter MacLeod 4 laps Blue Hills Cycling Club
68 Michael Wissell 4 laps B2C2
69 Ryan Kelly 4 laps
70 David Sommerville 4 laps Cyfac-Champion System Racing Team p/b Revolution Wheelworks
DNF Justin Spinelli Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix
DNF Pierrick Naud Rocky Mountain
DNF Peter Bradshaw Embrocation Cycling Journal
DNF Marc-Andre Daigle Garneau-ClubChaussures-OgilyRenaud
DNF Nicholas Keough Champion System p/b Keough Cyclocross
DNF Kevin Sweeney
DNF william Goodfellow Ride with Rendall
DNF Matteo Dal-Cin
DNF Christopher Dale Raleigh All Stars p/b Southeastern Ortho
DNF Isaac Howe Team Mountain Khakis
DNF Pierre-etienne Boivin Team Spirit p/b Cannondale

Elite Women:

Place Name Time Team
1 Laura van Gilder 0:45:01 C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
2 Meredith Miller 0:45:03 California Giant-Specialized
3 Natasha Elliott 0:45:21 Garneau Club Chaussure Ogilvy
4 Wendy Simms 0:45:39
5 Amy Dombroski 0:45:45 Luna Pro Team
6 Kaitlin Antonneau 0:45:46
7 Andrea Smith 0:46:02 LadiesFirst Racing
8 Sally Annis 0:46:16 p/b JRA Cycles
9 Crystal Anthony 0:46:21 LadiesFirst Racing
10 Sara Bresnick-Zocchi 0:46:22
11 Maureen Bruno Roy 0:46:26 Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles
12 Linnea Koons 0:46:28 Embrocation Cycling Journal
13 Ann D’Ambruoso 0:46:33 LadiesFirst Racing
14 Rebecca Blatt 0:46:47 Silver Bull-Central Wheel
15 Arley Kemmerer 0:46:55 C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
16 Anna Barensfeld 0:46:58 LadiesFirst Racing
17 Christina Tamilio 0:47:02 LadiesFirst Racing
18 Kristin Gavin 0:47:44 Team CF
19 Lara Kroepsch 0:47:47 Hudz-Subaru
20 Nicole Thiemann 0:48:01 Team CF
21 Melissa Ross 0:48:09 Team MMWR-Landry’s Bicycles
22 Cassandra Maximenko 0:48:22 silverbull centralwheel
23 Marilyn Ruseckas 0:48:25 Seven Cycles-NoTubes-FitWerx
24 Sheila Vibert 0:48:28 New Hampshire Cycling Club
25 Rebecca Wellons 0:48:31 Pedro’s
26 Lenore Pipes 0:48:59 The Wistar Institute
27 Allison Snooks 0:49:07 LadiesFirst Racing
28 Sarah Krzysiak 0:49:47
29 Frances Morrison 0:50:24 Wheelhouse-NCC
30 Giulia Righi 0:51:00 Silver Bull
31 Laura Ralston 0:51:42 MIT
32 Jessica Hayes-Conroy 0:51:57 North Atlantic
33 Marian Jamison 0:52:20 Seaside Cycle
34 Jocelyn Mauldin 0:52:24 Mock Orange Bikes
35 Clara Kelly 0:52:31 NEBC-Cycle Loft-Devonshire Dental
36 Janis Sandlin 0:52:58 Tough Girl-Scott
37 Danielle Ruane 0:53:46 Sunapee-Continental Paving-Revolution Cyclery
38 Kerry Barnholt 1 lap Scott Ritchey
DNF Kari Studley Redline
DNF Kristine Church Human Zoom-Pabst Blue Ribbon
DNF Evie Edwards Performance Bicycle Racing
DNF Pauline Frascone Bicycle Concepts
DNF Amy Cutler Team EPS-CSS p/b Brielle Cyclery