After round two of the Derby City Cup concluded, J.D. Kimple captured some great interviews with racer Katerina Nash and announcer David Towle about the course in Louisville and how this year’s USGP was a “test run” for Worlds, which will be held at the same site in 2013.

by J.D. Kimple

Katerina Nash:
Perennial cyclocross powerhouse and Luna team rider Katerina Nash was gracious enough to grant a few moments of time with be before her second day of racing at Derby City Cup USGP.  You can catch up more with Katerina and her Lunachix teammates at

Dave Towle:
Dave Towle has been announcing bicycle racing (cyclocross and otherwise) for almost ten years and is a wealth of information onall things cycling, At the end of Day two at the Derby City Cup USGP in Louisville, Kentucky, I got the chance to sit down and speak with Dave briefly. If you want to know more about Dave, you can find out more at