If you have hopes of hosting a UCI cyclocross race in the 2010/11 season, USA Cycling needs your inscription forms and technical race guide by this Friday, November 11th.

Although the UCI has had these forms available since October 15th, USA Cycling received them on December 3rd. We just got the forms a few minutes ago and want all interested parties to have a chance to make the deadline.

2010/11 UCI Inscription form is here
Technical race guide requirements document is here

Forms must be filled out and returned to Kelli Lusk at USA Cycling: [email protected], 719.434.4285. All questions can be directed to her.

Non UCI promoters are encouraged to submit an application, especially in warmer climates for post-Nationals racing.  Adam Myerson agrees, saying, “We definitely need some California UCI racing, and we need it in January especially!”

Grab some coffee and get to work…help extend the ‘cross season and bring your area some much-needed economic stimulus with a high-profile cyclocross weekend!