Tour of Flanders party for jonesin' cyclocross lovers to benefit CRCA Juniors

Tour of Flanders party for jonesin' cyclocross lovers to benefit CRCA Juniors

by Christophe Jammet

So cyclocross season is over and done with, and you’re mulling around in a state of semi-depression. What else is there to watch? What will satisfy your desire to see mucked up pros suffering their hearts out for you? Lucky for you, it’s cobble time!

That’s right kids, the Spring Classics are upon us, and the races are gruesome and unforgiving. You’ll never see bike racers suffer more in one day than when they’re racing the classics. This naturally makes for great spectatin’.

The Tour of Flanders is coming up on Sunday, April 4th (Yes, it’s Easter Sunday), and Staten CX promoter Christophe Jammet is putting on a fun Tour of Flanders viewing party in New York City. The party is happening at the Belgian enclave known as BXL Cafe, and will feature beer specials on Steenbrugge and Palm. Last year’s party turned out to be an insane event, with 200+ people stuffed into BXL to get in on the action!

While a fun evening full of beer and bike racing is a big part of the event, the party will feature a raffle to raise money for the CRCA’s Junior development program. This program focuses on getting local NYC-based teenagers involved in bike racing which, as you know, can be a *bit* of an expensive sport. They’ve got some killer prizes to give away, with sponsors including Velo Classic Tours, CRCA, Finkraft Coaching, Cyclocross Magazine, David Jordan Coaching, Uvex Helmets, Ifixbyx, Sportique Active Skincare, Bicycling Magazine, Orthochick, Gage & Desoto, Wafels & Dinges, D’artagnan, and more.

The party begins at 5PM and race coverage starts at 6. BXL is located at 125 West 43rd Street (between 6th ave and Broadway)

For more information please email CJ at [email protected]