Guess the final price of this used pair of Green Michelin Mud cyclocross tires on eBay

Down just like the stock market: old green Michelin Mud cyclocross tires

Last week we featured a guessing game for the final value of an eBay auction for a pair of lightly used original green Michelin Mud cyclocross tires. When credit was still flowing freely last year and the Dow was at 12,458 in May 2008, a single NOS tire commanded $115.  And although this pair up for auction was used and featured the more fragile skinwalls, the average guess was still $75.52, with a high guess of $90.

Well, times are indeed tight with record unemployment and the Dow at under 7,500, the tires went for just $51. “Monstercross Clyde” won with his lowball and nearly accurate bet of $49.62.

It’s certainly a buyer’s market for cyclocrossers on eBay, especially for those who are looking to take advantage of off-season deals and have the funds now.