Cycling Training Book by Sven Nys and Paul Van Den Bosch

Cycling Training Book by Sven Nys and Paul Van Den Bosch

Sven Nys and coach Paul Van Den Bosch have released a training handbook for amateur bike racers, Trainingshandboek voor wielertoeristen, currently available in Dutch only.

The dominant cyclocrosser reports on his website that “Paul and I often are asked about how to prepare for amateur cyclist events. I believe the time was nigh to be explaining things in an easy way?”

So the two teamed up to put together a book that covers basic principles for training, detailed training schedules, and a look at nutrition and gear. Will his competitors be the first readers?

At 26.95 euros, the book is not cheap but it’s an inexpensive way to try to steal some of Nys’ 8,000 euro start money by emulating his methods. However, it is not specifically tailored to cyclocross, although the discipline is by far Nys’ specialty.

Any Dutch speakers want to review it for us? Have some thoughts? Want to create an English Cliff’s Notes version?  Chime in on the forum topic already started by one of our readers.

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