This Saturday, December 14th, 2013, a Singlespeed Worlds promoter and a world-class cyclocross magazine (or the only?) team up to bring cyclocross racing to a world championship-worthy venue in Norcal.

That’s right, SuperPro Racing and Cyclocross Magazine are cracking open yet another new venue for cyclocross racing in the Bay Area, at Lake Cunningham in San Jose. With amazing terrain and facilities, the venue promises to bring championship cyclocross racing for years to come.

Sand and sun at the Supcat San Jose Series Final. © Cyclocross Magazine

Sand and sun await at the Supcat San Jose Series Final. © Cyclocross Magazine

It’s green. It’s grassy. It’s mostly flat with two hills and one run-up. There’s enough sand to make the Dutch smile. There’s grass to leave your mark on. There’s stairs, but many of you can ride them. There’s dirt. There’s smooth paved paths. There’s a Spiral of Doom! And there might even be mud.

It’s the 2013 San Jose Supcat, presented by Cyclocross Magazine.

(Don’t ask us what a supcat is, but other series races were named after Cougars, Lions, and other cats)

There’s a chicken and waffle truck. Loads of parking right up to the infield. Indoor toilets. A huge pavilion area with picnic tables and overhead cover. There’s no neighbors so we can rock the sound system. Mike’s Bikes mechanics will be there so put off any maintenance you were thinking of doing and we’ll have neutral wheels support from Cycles Fanatic too!

And for all of us soft Norcal racers who have been freezing lately, Mother Nature has balmy temperatures in the 60’s on tap for this weekend, so you can add a tan while you’re playing in the sun and the sand. Come out and show off your newly-acquired sand riding skills from last weekend’s CCCP, and get a taste of racing in the Netherlands.

Register here:

A possible scene from this Saturday, perhaps in a different langauge, and with a few less fans:

A note from the promoter, Murphy Mack:
Your participation not only ensures you’ll have a great time, but helps us keep and expand racing venues in San Jose. The City of San Jose is becoming increasingly supportive of cyclocross and city officials will be there to check us out. Here’s the chance to rally our awesomeness so they can feel it! Imagine what we could do with these events if we had the full weight of the City of San Jose behind us! This is about more than just this event – this is about getting the backing of the city for years to come. If we can get these folks behind us then the sky’s the limit for us in the coming years!

2103 Cyclocross Magazine San Jose SupCat Series Finale Proposed Course:

The tentative 2013 San Jose Supcat course, with some Cyclocross Magazine inluence

The tentative 2013 San Jose Supcat course, with some Cyclocross Magazine inluence

Come say “Sup!” to the San Jose Supcat this Saturday, December 14th! Bring your checkbook or cash for the year’s best deal on Cyclocross Magazine subscriptions and swag.