Hard economic times have given rise to some creative sponsorships lately.  But none have changed the paradigm more than the HPCX Cyclocross in New Jersey.  HPCX, round six of the MAC Powered by SRAM Series, didn’t choose a sponsor, a sponsor chose them…for their wedding reception.

The Cat and Kitten Cyclocross presented by HPCX on November 1 will not only follow Beacon Cross as the second half of MAC’s annual UCI New Jersey Weekend, it will also be the wedding reception for Jonny “Cat” Sundt and Mandy “Kitten” Lozano.

Sundt never fails to put on a good show at a ‘cross event. Whether it’s hopping barriers or banging elbows with the McCormack brothers, he adds flair to a ‘cross event. But at this year’s HPCX, together with Lozano, he’ll take his show to another level while giving back.

Sundt, a member of the Kelly Benefit Strategies Pro Cycling Team, and Lozano, a recently retired pro road and cyclocross racer, originally met at the HPCX race several years ago.  And though they married earlier this year and settled in Texas where Mandy works in Marketing for Frito Lay, they wanted to return to New Jersey and HPCX for their reception.

“Cyclocross has given us so much, including each other,” said Sundt.  “We just wanted to share with the greater family of cyclocross.  I’ve done just about every kind of bike racing, and cylcocross has a sense of community that’s unparalleled in any other discipline.  So we’re going to have a party with about 400 of our best ‘cross buddies.”

“Cyclocross’ culture of inclusion is key,” adds Mandy.  “Few do it better than the HPCX crew. Financially supporting the race lets us give back to the sport and helps to ensure the longevity of the mindset.”

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