We’ll be posting live updates via our twitter feed on this page throughout the day. The main action begins with the women’s race at 7:00 p.m., and the women’s race at 8:00. Just hit refresh to see the latest updates. We’ll get that to update automagically hopefully next time around.

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that about wraps up our live coverage for the night. hope you enjoyed it…please drop us a comment with any feedback. 10:03 PM

josie jacques-maynes was 5th (specialized/kmc/cal giant) 09:47 PM

the women’s top 5 was: sue butler (river city), wendy simms (kona), kathy sherwin (velo bella kona), dawn anderson (everti / oak bay) and 09:47 PM

so it was 1) jeremy powers (cannondale, cyclocrossword), trebon (kona les gets), johnson (cdale, cxw), craig (giant) and wicks. 09:43 PM

Tim johnson told us he “had a blast but felt flat.” He said it was fun teaming up with powers early in the race. 09:25 PM

johnson third, craig fourth. 09:23 PM

Trebon can’t catch a break. He was taken out in the last section by a lapped rider and was obviously very upset. 09:23 PM

JEREMY POWERS WINS IT! trebon is second. 09:15 PM

molly cameron is going well, chasing parbo, with erik tonkin and shanon skerritt. andy jacques-maynes had a first lap mechanical… 09:13 PM

trebon looks the strongest…but has crashed at least once. 09:11 PM

ah…technology. but not much has changed – trebon and powers have now dropped johnson and craig. craig just hopped the barriers! 09:10 PM

we spoke with wicks earlier – he’ll focus on the domestic races this year but trebon will try europe again. 08:28 PM

it’s finally stopped raining, just in time for the big event. trebon, powers and craig are giving chase. johnson loves these conditions 08:27 PM

tim johnson is flying, leading the race and showing off his stars and stripes jersey 08:26 PM

barry wicks stacks it twice leaving the velodrome, loses a few places 08:25 PM

barry wicks took the hole shot with joachim parbo chasing.on the first lap but both fade fast 08:25 PM

sue butler took wendy simms in a sprint to win the womens race 08:24 PM

ryan macfarling (mafia) of aspen, CO took the cat 3 race, over nick gibson (yakima vigilantes) and ian terry (rad racing). 42:18. 07:42 PM

jose jacques-maynes is leading the chase group, but the front two are clear. the rain hasn’t stopped all day. trp’s mag eurox are everywhere 07:40 PM

sue butler and wendy simms have dropped the field. sue was in control but wendy simms has taken over 07:39 PM

Ryan Mcfarling from CO won the 3 race but wished there was a cat 2 race 07:29 PM

it’s really coming down now. 20% chance of rain? the men’s 3 race if wrapping up, and the women soon will be underway 06:52 PM

in the first race of the day, Colleen Flaherty (veloce) squeezed in between Hartsoch and Krumpelman (Velo Bella/Kona) for 2nd 06:39 PM

Portland dominated the masters 1/2 race, with doug reid (veloce) and tim butler (river city) taking 1/2. richard feldman (durance) takes 3rd 06:37 PM

Masters 1/2 race was a 30+ event – a rare chance for Andy Jacques-Maynes to wear his 30+ national champion jersey. But he’s saving it for later 06:36 PM

Maxwell Kullaway (Hup United) won the Masters 3/4 35+ race, with a minute to spare. He’s won this event before. 06:34 PM

Nick Solheim wins Men’s 4s.. 04:07 PM

Elizabeth Hartsoch takes the win over Erica Krumpelman with after a late surge, but did not know it was the last lap. She had crashed ea … … 03:03 PM

Crashes abound with wet off camber corners, slick velodrome. Junior national champ andrea cardbolt is battling with the women. 02:34 PM

Women 3/4s getting ready to start in a steady rain. 02:15 PM

TJ’s cdale 9-ball jersey has changed hands, and was seen on Jeremy Powers and Jamie Driscoll yesterday. Tim J is in stars/bars of course 12:27 PM

seattle greeted with an early rain this morning, promising some mud at star crossed. 10:39 AM

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