It's finally here: the SRAM Force CX1 single chainring cyclocross group. There's really only two specific items needed for the CX1 drivetrain - the chainring and the rear derailleur.

It’s finally here: the SRAM Force CX1 single chainring cyclocross group.

After months of rumors and spy photos, the day is here. SRAM’s long-awaited single chainring CX1 cyclocross group is official.

SRAM's new Force CX1 single chainring cyclocross drivetrain on our Felt test bike made for a fun, challenging mountain bike ride at Press Camp but we kept up. © Cyclocross Magazine

SRAM’s new Force CX1 single chainring cyclocross drivetrain on our Felt test bike. © Cyclocross Magazine

As of the exact minute this post went live, the embargo muzzles have been lifted and we’re allowed to give you the full breakdown of the Force CX1 single ring component offerings, as well as our riding impressions (yes, we’ve touched it, photographed it, and ridden it way back in January). First a quick summary…

SRAM Force CX1 Cyclocross Component Group at a Glance:

    • Level: Force CX1, as the name suggests, will be a Force-level component group, and will share many of the exact same components as SRAM Force, including right shifters, cassettes, chains and crank arms
    • New Components: There are four CX1 components:
      1. The Force CX1 crank arms (same as Force 22 compact, but with CX1 graphics)
      2. The Force CX1 X-SYNC chainring, with wide/narrow teeth and mud-specific cutaways, in 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46 tooth sizes, with 110mm hidden bolt BCD
      3. The Force Cx1 left brake lever (a gutted DoubleTap shifter)
      4. The Force CX1 Type 2 rear derailleur (short and medium cage)
    • Weight: Force CX1 will save about 170-180g over a double chainring Force 22 group on average
    • Brakes: Only mechanical DoubleTap/brake levers for now, HydroR implied and any road 11-speed DoubleTap lever (Red, Force, upcoming Rival) should be compatible with the rear derailleur. Force CX1 does not include brakes, but would be paired with Avid Shorty Ultimate cantilever brakes or Avid BB7 S or SL disc brakes.
    • Cost: SRAM says the Force CX1 will cost a few dollars more than a 2x Force group because of the more complicated rear derailleur that more than makes up for the savings from skipping the front derailleur and shifter (see our price table below). The CX1 crankset with a ring will cost about the same as a Force double crankset.
    • Speeds/Compatability: The X-SYNC chainrings and Force CX1 rear derailleur will be backwards-compatible with 10-speed shifters and chains, but rings are built for SRAM cranks (Red, Force) featuring the hidden chainring bolt, yet should be compatible with any 110BCD crankset after removing the hidden bolt nut, according to SRAM. XX1 and X01 11-speed MTB rear derailleurs are not compatible with the Force shifters, and Type 2 mountain bike derailleurs are not substitutes for the CX1 rear derailleur. X01 DH rear derailleurs should work but lack barrel adjusters. The Type 2 rear derailleur will not work with two chainring cranksets.
    • Availability: Summer 2014


Got all that? If that piqued your interest, keep reading for component specifics, details full photo galleries and pricing.