Conshohocken, PA, USA – The New Jersey State Fair SpectaCross has added a novice and new-rider skills clinic prior to the season-opening Cyclocross Magazine Cyclocross Sprints.  “We’ve been contacted by so many people that are planning to compete in their first cyclocross race during the New Jersey State Fair that we thought it would be best to add a clinic to assist them,” says SpectaSport’s Ken Getchell.

The clinic will be conducted by HRS / Rock Lobster’s Ben “the Point Man” Popper, a Category 1 cyclocross racer for and hard-core bike commuter from Chicago who was the first entrant to the event.   Drawing from his background first as a BMX rider in his youth and later as an elite-level mountain bike racer, Ben brings serious off-road bike handling skills and a laid-back love for bikes to his racing.  Best known, until now, for giving the big names high-fives on the start line, Ben’s adventures in UCI racing are chronicled on his website,   “I want to cover all the things that go into a ‘cross race, other than pedaling,” said Popper from his Chicago home.  “The dismount /remount thing is pretty key.  There are some tricks to running barriers. Cornering has its tricks.  Starts…  We’ll also do a quick primer on cross rules, and on cross equipment, tell them about a pit, no free lap and mention why folks ride tubulars, tire choices, and why canti brakes.  And maybe a little something about nutrition; how to eat when there’s no feeding and you’re all-out for an hour.  I hope to be able to do detailed ride-through laps on the full course at the end of the clinic.”

Participants can register for the novice and new rider’s clinic through the New Jersey State Fair SpectaCross registration page on