SpectaCross, the unique summer cyclocross race weekend held in conjunction with the New Jersey State Fair, is looking to assure the fair organizers that cyclocross is more worthy than monster trucks.  Although last year’s event was a success and well-loved by attendees, racers don’t have a big incentive to pre-register in a National Championship-like flurry because the creative categories don’t sell out and start positions aren’t determined by registration, and thus last-minute registrations are the norm.

But in this down economy, the state fair organizers are looking for assurance that SpectaCross will have sufficient numbers to justify the space. To encourage racers to pre-register so that the event will continue and not be replaced by monster trucks at the fair, promoter Ken Getchell is now paying all BikeReg fees from now through July 28th.

Worried about registering for an event that has a small chance of not happening? Getchell promises that  entry fees are fully refundable if the worst case happens.

Help SpectaCross continue by pre-registering via BikeReg here.