by Aaron Cruikshank

Over 3,000 racers were greeted with near perfect temperatures, clear blue skies, and dry gravel roads in Hastings, Michigan, recently for the annual running of Barry Roubaix. A slight date shift put the race later in the season, making it the third Midewest gravel grinder of the year, and the first to be raced without snow. With race options ranging from 22-miles to 62-miles and categories such as Tandem, fixed gear, and fat bike, Barry Roubaix has something to offer just about anyone willing to throw a leg over their top tube for an early season test.

Things got underway at 10:00am with 200+ riders taking the line for the Men’s 62-mile open race. A semi-neutral roll out of through downtown saw the field onto the first of many of the day’s dirt sections. Fighting for position during the neutral roll out, with a couple hundred riders breathing down their necks, Matt Acker took up the mantle and lead the field into the dirt and onto the first of the “Three Sisters” climbs. These back-to-back-to-back climbs were used in last year’s icy edition to launch a solo winner, and the field, motivated by ghosts of races past, and the stellar condition of the gravel road kept things close knit. Riders swapped turns on the front, with a few well-represented teams from Canada driving things. Still, the field seemed nervous. The freshly graded roads were much looser than in years past, and riders were often seen drifting from one side of the road to the other as they entered deeper gravel sections.

Things at the front remained calm until mile 15 when riders again began jostling for position. As the field passed through the Yankee Springs State Park’s outskirts, it was clear that it would be a race to the left turn onto Sager Road.

Poor weather conditions the last two years had forced organizers to omit this section, but it was back in the mix this year. Walking the line between a double track and a single track trail, Sager has a short climb, deep ruts and sand sections that often see the field break into small groups and this year was no different. Rudy Perterson led the main pack onto the segment and carnage ensued. Riders were shuffled off to the side with dropped chains or sucked in by deep sand. The leading group was quickly whittled down to about 10 riders. The remaining riders were left to fend for themselves by assembling into groups of three and four. Slowly a few groups were able to reel the leaders in and the lead group swelled to 15.

The 2016 Barry Roubaix Men's Open podium. © Adam / Cyclocross Magazine

The 2016 Barry Roubaix Men’s Open podium. © Adam Cruikshank / Cyclocross Magazine

Nerves were again tested as the leaders took a right turn and had to share the course with the 22-mile race. Riders picked their way through their fellow competitors, but the additional riders, especially on the climbs, made it hard for the leading pack to keep thing cohesive. Luckily, this proved to be a short section, and again the Men’s open field was on its own.

Riders took this small lull in the action to assess the situation, find teammates and eat some much need food. The respite was cut short, however, when two racers from the Panaracer team attacked and opened a small gap. Three riders from the group including Aaron Beebe of Bissell and Adam York of Team Giant gave chase. As the lead group descended onto the next dirt section, gaps ranged from three to five seconds. A wreck in the group took out four riders including teammates of both Beebe and York, while also creating enough confusion to limit the chase for the time being.

The rest of the race was described by Aaron Beebe as “a Saturday afternoon group ride.” Attacks came in one’s and two’s with Rudy Perterson, Beebe and at times teammates from the Panaracer team going off the front. Regardless of the combination nothing seemed to work.

Everyone seemed content to let this one come down to a sprint finish as things remained calm on the final dirt section and road climb of the day. Navigating between riders in the fat bike, single speed and 36-mile edition, the lead group entered the downtown criterium-like finish. While some riders admitted to being unsure of the finishing turns, Rob Bell of Panaracer took the bull by the horns and was the first to attack. Peterson followed and was able to utilize his road gearing to come around Bell on the downhill sprint. Jonathan Card wrapped up the top 3 with Beebe and York rounding out the top 5.

In the women’s 62-mile race it was a war of attrition. Rachel Langdon took the win by nearly seven minutes, while Christine Thornburg and Mary Penta each were separated by around three minutes to come home in second and third place respectively.

As always thank you to the race promoters, volunteers, Founders Brewing, and of course the wonderful town of Hastings for again playing host to this great event.

2016 Barry Roubaix Men's Open Full Results

1Rudyard Peterson02:54:5621.27Credite Velo-Trek, MI
2Rob Bell02:54:5621.27Panaracer/Stan's NoTubes p/b Bicycle X-Change, OK
3Jonathan Card02:54:5621.27TEAM CARD, OH
4Aaron Beebe02:54:5621.27BISSELL-ABG-GIANT, IN
5Adam York02:54:5721.26Giant Bicycles p/b CHG Inc. & Zingerman's, MI
6Bob Cummings02:54:5721.26Panaracer/Stan's No Tubes p/b Bicycle X-Change, KS
7Daniel Yankus02:54:5721.26TEAM OAM NOW / ATHLETIC MENTORS, MI
8Matt Acker02:54:5721.26GRBC/Salsa Cycles, MI
9Rick Wetherald02:54:5721.26Athletes on Track, MI
10Zachary Chappell02:55:0221.25Ohio, US
11Cody Kaiser02:59:4620.69LangeTwins / Specialized, CA
12Andrew Bradbury02:59:4720.69Blacksmith Cycle, --
13Russell Van Every03:00:4420.58US
14Michael Simonson03:00:4820.58Michigan, US
15Cody Sovis03:00:4820.58Einstein Racing-Short's Brewing, MI
16Peter Kelley03:00:4920.57Team Bicycle Heaven, IL
17Nathan Pfeifer03:00:5020.57Jus d'Orange, IL
18Daniel Soltan03:00:5120.57Ann Arbor Velo Club Inc., MI
19Greg Kuhn03:00:5120.57RBS MTB Team, MI
20Andrew House03:01:3220.49Two Wheels Epic Sports BCC, --
21Cory Stange03:03:3920.26OAM NOW/ Athletic Mentors, MI
22Kelly Sugg03:03:3920.26RBS MTB Team, MI
23Thomas Kehrer03:03:4020.26Bonkers Cycling, IL
24Marco Li03:03:4120.25To Wheel-Epic Sports-BCC, --
25Johan Konter03:03:4120.25Union Cycling Team, IL
26Adam McIntyre03:03:5520.23Bissell/ABG, MI
27Jeff Schiller03:05:4420.03Towheelepicsportsperformancebcc, --
28Chris Pollett03:07:2019.86To Wheels Epic Sports BCC, --
29Anthony Bruley03:07:2419.85Team 02/Cadieux Bicycle Club, MI
30Cameron Buccellato03:07:2519.85EPS Cycling, MI
31David Steiner03:07:5719.79Team Spin/Litzler Automation, OH
32Michael Hemme03:08:4319.71SRAM Factory, IL
33Huy Tran03:08:4619.71Jack's Bicycles p/b Kinetic Fitness Coaching, MI
34Simon Agnew03:08:5119.70To Wheels Epic Sports Performance, --
35Nick Mossing03:08:5119.70Maumee Valley Wheelmen, OH
36Elliot Cooper03:09:1419.66Founders Racing, MI
37Nick Pomella03:09:2919.63PSIMET Racing, IL
38Tyler Keuning03:10:0519.57Grand Rapids Bicycle Company, MI
39Ed Bagley03:10:3819.51The Pony Shop, IL
40Rob Kelley03:11:1119.46Bicycle Heaven, IL
41Gus Hemingway03:11:5119.39Bissell Advantage Benifits, MI
42Erik Herro03:12:0019.38Chicago Cuttin' Crew, IL
43Eric Langley03:12:4119.31Freewheeler Racing, MI
44Jason Buccellato03:12:4819.30RBS cycling team, MI
45Jim Maddock03:14:3219.12Bonkers Cycling, IL
46Scotty Albaugh Jr.03:15:2719.03Michigan, US
47Brian Bauer03:15:4319.01Illinois, US
48Thomas Moran03:16:0418.97The hub of Detroit racing, MI
49Jason, IN
50Dan Sypniewski03:16:1718.95Rochester bike shop, MI
51John Proppe03:16:1818.95Lake Effect Racing, OH
52Marc Royster03:16:2918.93Union Cycling Team, IL
53Jack Warner03:16:5918.89Verdigris-Village CX, IL
54Timothy Tanner03:17:0518.88Union cycling, IL
55Matthew Schweiker03:17:0718.87HERITAGE Race Club, IL
56Martin Michalowicz03:17:0818.87Union Cycling, IL
57Brian Monton03:17:1418.86Spindrift Cyclesports, MI
58Jason Lowetz03:17:3718.83Einstein Racing-Short's Brewing, MI
59Florian Figge03:17:4418.81CFT-Sinas Dramis Law, MI
60Jon Throop03:17:5818.79Einstein Racing - Short's Brewing, MI
61Josh Zelinski03:18:0018.79Hagerty Cycling, MI
62Robert Neidlinger03:19:2318.66Michigan, US
63Michael Race Team, IL
64Joseph Hall03:20:3618.55QCW, OH
65Jesse Kooistra03:21:0018.51Team Clark Logic, MI
66Jared Sheppard03:21:0318.50Scarlet Fire Racing, IL
67Peter Britton03:21:0418.50Illinois, US
68Nick Wierzba03:21:0818.50Hagerty Cycling, MI
69Matt Silvia03:21:1218.49CarboRocket, IL
70Shawn Davison03:21:1218.49Farm Team Racing, MI
71Nathan Schneeberger03:21:3718.45Spidermonkey Cycling, IL
72Matt Tingley03:22:2918.37Michigan, US
73Josh Concannon03:22:5518.33Bissell/ABG, MI
74Adam Heisel03:23:3118.28Trails Edge Cyclery, MI
75Jonathan Vota03:25:4918.08Handy & A Hundo, IL
76Justin Lauderback03:26:3818.00World Bicycle Relief - Indiana, IN
77David Harriff03:26:4018.00Lovestar Factory Team, IL
78Jake Peterson03:28:1317.87Team Bicycle heaven, IL
79Bradley Majors03:28:2917.84Johnny Sprockets, IL
80Luke Cavender03:29:1217.78OAM NOW/ATHLETIC MENTORS, MI
81John Castro03:29:1317.78Spidermonkey Cycling, IL
82Johnathan Crawford03:29:1417.78Tuxedo Thunder Cycling, IL
83Mike Palmer03:29:5917.72Half Acre Cycling, IL
84Petr Ineman03:29:5917.72Illinois, US
85Antoine Tremblay03:30:0217.71New Jersey, US
86Cameron Pease03:30:0417.71Main Street Bicycles Sasquatch Squadron, IL
87Jeff Nixon03:30:2217.68Maumee Valley Wheelmen, OH
88Colin McEachran03:30:5917.63US
89W. Andres Romero03:32:2017.52Bonkers Cycling, IL
90Chad Rector03:33:5117.40Team Remax, MI
91Jason Sparks03:35:0517.30RACING GREYHOUNDS, MI
92Marshal Evans03:35:2417.27City Hub Cycling, MI
93Chad Lacher03:35:4117.25Ohio, US
94Dave Wasikowski03:36:0017.22Intent 62, IL
95Matthew Stokwisz03:36:0517.22Team UPB /, IL
96Marc Walters03:37:2817.11RBS MTB Team, MI
97Andrew Goltra03:37:3617.10VisionQuest, IL
98Joseph Brzuchanski03:38:2517.03US
99Joe Gajewski03:38:2617.03Illinois, US
100Dan Palmerin03:39:1816.96Region Racing, IN
101Gary Bentz03:41:0116.83Team Bicycle Heaven, IL
102Jon Crane03:41:2716.80Psimet, IL
103Ehren Hein03:42:3716.71Illinois, US
104Mark Hotchkin03:42:3916.71Leadout/West Michigan Bike, MI
105Andreas Boehm03:42:5516.69Ohio, US
106Elliot Bennett03:43:1016.67Lovestar Factory Team, IL
107Andrew Waggoner03:43:1316.67Lovestar Factory Team, IL
108Mark Cabase03:43:2616.65Illinois, US
109Kenneth Delo03:43:2816.65bicycle heaven, IL
110Justin McBride03:44:2816.57Illinois, US
111Eddie Police03:44:3316.57bicycle hub, OH
112Christopher Vitton03:46:5816.39Bissell/ABG, MI
113Dave McCloud03:47:0516.38Michigan, US
114Spencer Nemecek03:49:2416.22Latitude 45/Twisted Stone, MI
115Grant Wiersum03:49:3616.20Illinois, US
116Matthew Shaffer03:50:4916.12Michigan, US
117Michael Metivier03:51:1316.09Witchcraft, IL
118Mike Morell03:51:2516.07Chicago Cuttin' Crew, IL
119Sage Hahn03:54:4815.84SRAM Factory Team, IL
120Nate Maxson03:55:3815.79Darkhorse Racing, OH
121Steffen Mueller03:56:5115.71Michigan, US
122David Vincent03:57:3115.66To Wheels Epic Sports Performance BCC, --
123Mike Peiffer03:58:2715.60Maumee Valley Wheelmen, OH
124Jason Spieth03:58:5015.58Ohio, US
125Kevin Richardson03:59:0415.56Illinois, US
126McClain Murphy03:59:1615.55Paradise Garage Racing, OH
127Bill Hill03:59:3915.52Team Apex Multisport, MI
128Jacob Hueber04:00:5915.44Illinois, US
129Alex Speaker04:01:5015.38Belgianwerkx, WI
130Kevin Leitner04:02:3415.34Illinois, US
131Luke Powell04:02:5115.32Louisville Landsharks, KY
132Doug Hauser04:02:5915.31Plus One, IL
133Eric Wolting04:03:1915.29Freewheeler Racing, MI
134Jeff Berglund04:03:3915.27Indiana, US
135Jeff Roesner04:05:3515.15KCV Cycling - Racing for Riley, IN
136Scott Harris04:05:4815.13Team Apex Multisport, MI
137Joel Blair04:07:3715.02Team Nebo Ridge, IN
138Brent Baumann04:07:4915.01Illinois, US
139Chernoh Sesay Jr04:07:5115.01Johnny Sprockets, IL
140Chris Joyce04:08:3214.97Illinois, US
141Martin Zakes04:09:0814.93Ohio, US
142Timothy Puczkowskyj04:09:2814.91BabyRing, IL
143Chris Smith04:09:3714.90Michigan, US
144Natraj Ponna04:09:5614.88Northbrook Garner Bicycle Club, IL
145Jordan Katterheinrich04:12:2414.74MNR, OH
146Rob Ehrman04:13:1914.69Jack's Bicycles p/b Kinetic Fitness Coaching, MI
147Jim Kamp04:13:2014.68Illinois, US
148Scott Renzema04:13:2414.68Freewheeler Racing, MI
149Mike Aston04:16:1914.51To Wheels/Epic Sports Performance/BCC, --
150Ryan Tolle04:16:2414.51Ohio, US
151Jeremy Hale04:16:5014.48Illinois, US
152Bruce Gaultney04:17:2814.45Michigan, US
153Benjamin Kapenga04:18:2614.40Freewheeler Racing, MI
154Adam Wintz04:21:5414.20Ohio, US
155Doug Bradley04:24:5714.04Wheels in Motion, MI
156George Geatz04:28:5113.84Illinois, US
157Rafael Garcia Pardo04:33:0513.626308640319, IL
158Andy Hudson04:33:1713.61Lovestar Factory Team, IL
159Antonio Gonzalez04:33:1813.61Lovestar Factory Team, IL
160Engin Yilmaz04:37:2013.41Illinois, US
161Fred Berglund04:43:1013.14Indiana, US
162Ian Ravary04:44:0113.10Monday Night Ride, OH
163Jeff Bothwell04:46:5412.97Illinois, US
164Andrew Yeaton04:56:3912.54Breakaway Bicycles, TX
165Adam Cox04:56:4012.54Breakaway Bicycles, MI
166Andrew Hoffman04:57:0812.52Team NeighborLink, IN
167Joseph Vanis04:59:2212.43Illinois, US
168David Scott04:59:5012.41Team REMAX, MI
169Vince Connor05:07:1012.11visionquest, IL
170John Hastie05:07:1412.11Mr., IL
171Patrick Collins05:08:1012.07Team Hot Dog, MI
172Brad Poetter05:22:2611.54Illinois, US