Out front before the WOW moment! © Sue Butler

Out front before the WOW moment! © Sue Butler

Portland, OR Elite racer Sue Butler is one of five women chosen to represent the US at Worlds this year.  Butler capped off a great year by taking fifth at Nationals after several strong showings in Europe. She’s back there now preparing for this weekend’s World Championships at St. Wendel, and took some time away from putting her legs up to check out the Ridley Factory and bring us back this photo-report.

RIDLEY “We are Belgium” Factory Tour

by Sue Butler

You can only read so many race reports until they all kind of start sounding the same. If you want to read mine, you will have to go to my blog: What is much more interesting is what I did the day after the race.

After signing with Hudz-Subaru and finding out we were going to be riding Ridleys, I could not have been more psyched. As an American, we idolize all things Belgium. It  is the ‘motherland’ of cycling. The land of the classics, the greats, with the heritage and history of all things bike. It is only appropriate that Ridley has remained in Belgium, finishing their bikes all by hand in cycling’s epicenter. I was privileged enough to enjoy a tour with Barry and Todd from QBP and Eric, Ridley’s international marketing man. Although all the frames are shipped from Asia, the entire painting and assembly process is in their new facility in Paal. It was something. I will let the pictures take you through the tour.