A 2008 Richmond Festival of 'Cross racer runs toward a dollar bill. by Sean Yeager

A 2008 Richmond Festival of 'Cross racer runs toward a dollar bill. by Sean Yeager

Richmond, Virginia joins Providence, Cincinnati, and Folsom Lake, California as hosts of  “cyclocross festivals,” a rapidly-growing event format. Looking for one in your area? Check our comprehensive event calendar. New events are being added every day.

Press release below.

Altius Cycling Team is proud to kick off the 2009 VACX race series with the 2009 Richmond Festival of ‘Cross on October 10th and 11th. The venues are the familiar Richmond favorites – Chimborazo Park on Saturday the 10th, and Bryan Park on Sunday the 11th.

As we did last year, we will have a 3-race Omnium, covering both days of racing and the one-lap Time Trial Saturday afternoon at Chimborazo Park. We have also partnered with the Virginia Commonwealth University cycling team to have Collegiate races both days.

Schedule for both days:

1. Masters 35+
45 minutes 10:00AM $25
Merch/3 places

2. Masters 45+
45 minutes 10:01AM $25
Merch/3 places

3. Women Cat 1/2/3 / Collegiate A
45 minutes 11:00AM $25
$200/ purse may increase if registration numbers permit

4. Juniors 15-18
45 minutes 11:01AM $10
Merch/3 places

5. Women Cat 4 / Collegiate B
30 minutes 11:02AM $25
Merch/3 places

6. Juniors 10-14
30 minutes 11:03AM $10
Merch/3 places

7. Men Cat 4 / Collegiate B
30 minutes 12:15PM $25
Merch/3 places

Men Pro Cat 1/2 / Collegiate A
60 minutes 1:00PM $25
$500/5 places

8. Men Cat 3
45 minutes 1:01PM $25
$100/3 places

9. 3-Event Omnium
Per category above (race both days) + Saturday TT
Free with BikeReg Registration
Merch for winner in each category with highest point total

10. Time Trial
One lap – Saturday Only 2:15PM
Free with BikeReg Registration

Flyer will be posted at For general event information contact velomedic /at/ For sponsorship information, please contact csyeager /at/

Venue locations:
Chimborazo Park
32nd Street and East Broad Street
Richmond, VA

Bryan Park
4308 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23227