Josh Dillon hugs the tape in Providence © Paul Weiss

Legendary frame builder Richard Sachs, who also serves as title sponsor and team director of the Richard Sachs cyclocross team, has just released his finalized roster for the 2010 campaign. Perhaps the biggest news is the rider who’s missing from the lineup – New England ‘cross superstar and former pro roadie Dan Timmerman is bidding farewell to bike racing. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Timmerman coming to Cyclocross Magazine in the next couple of days.

From e-Richie (aka Richard Sachs):
So much has happened since the last race (the Nats in Bend) that I feel disconnected with the broadcast machinery here. As many of you know, we relocated this past autumn and have found a peaceful and very secluded spot in which to, er, start the fourth quarter. Every aspect of the move went smoothly. The one tangent that was beyond my control was the new studio. What with building permits, architects, and contractors, it took me about 5 months of waiting before I was able to resume work. By February I was back at the bench atmo. With the exception of a few detours such as NAHBS in Richmond, Virginia and, more recently, the Bespoke show at New York’s Museum of Art and Design, I have been working as diligently as possible. For the sleuths and bean counters out there, don’t ask me to define diligently.

The 2010 ‘cross season will be here soon. The RS ‘Cross Team has all of its sponsors and suppliers returning for another year. On the field, we have another excellent roster containing all the names familiar to those following us and the sport all these past years. Matt Kraus, Will Dugan, and Josh Dillon will be joined by a returning alumnus in the form of one Justin Spinelli. These four men, plus myself, will spend from late August through to the Nationals in Oregon focused on cyclocross, our sponsors, and each other. This team has always stressed the experience of racing over the actual racing itself, and our ways are well documented. The term I use is “making memories”. It’s fitting because, though we are all ‘cross zealots and bleed for our supporters, ‘cross is not really life. For us to have the 25 or so weekends together is our gift to ourselves and each other. We race hard, win often, and leave for home each Sunday night wishing these days could last forever. More on all this as the weeks and months unfold.

I recently started a batch of frames that I hope to send out to pal and team sponsor, Joe Bell, for some fresh red paint real soon. For those counting, I am limiting my production for this season’s team bicycles to six. We have a good supply of 2009 units still usable, and I’ll supplement it with a few new ones.

I’ll close by saying thanks to all who have followed us over the years. 2010 marks the 28th contiguous year (I love that word, contiguous…) that I have been sponsoring a team, and also the 15th that I have been ‘cross centric. We live for the autumn months atmo.