Cyclocross Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards - 2014/2015 Season

Vote in Cyclocross Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards

It’s that time of year again: Awards season is here, and it goes well beyond the Grammys and this Sunday’s Oscars. The 2015 Cyclocross World Championships and Nationals are over, and the final stages of the World CupBPost Bank Trofee and Superprestige series have come and gone. Just two European UCI races have yet to play out before every professional cyclocrosser joins the 99.7% of us already in the cyclocross offseason (the other 0.3% are lucky enough to enjoy series like this).

But we also have good news. Unlike those entertainment and Europe-based series awards, you have a say in one prestigious award: our annual Cyclocross Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.

Yes, unlike our review-based Editors’ Awards, Readers’ Choice Awards are a popularity contest, not unlike NBA’s top honors. We’ve changed up many of the questions, and to appease all the varied, passionate cyclocrossers, nearly every question has a fill-in option. Use it liberally.

Handups are not a crime - cyclocross flask. © Cyclocross Magazine

Share your opinion, win this Handups Are Not a Crime cyclocross flask. © Cyclocross Magazine

Everyone is eligible to defend or overthrow the choices made in 2014, or hail in the new products/riders/and races that have emerged in the last 12 months. The winners of the vote will be featured in our upcoming Issue 28.

Eleven randomly-drawn lucky voters will win prizes, which include our Handups are Not a Crime flask, and ten subscriptions to our magazine. Vote only once, and use a real email address so that you can claim your prize. Fill out the form below, or if you prefer, view the stand-alone form here.