2009 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships, Bend Oregon:

Race course map:

2009 Cyclocross National Championships Course Map, Bend Oregon

2009 Cyclocross National Championships Course Map, Bend Oregon

Race course description

by Scott Carlile of

The course is a good mix of pavement, hard packed bumpy dirt and deep grass. Two significant run ups and a potentially slick off-camber decent will also challenge the riders. Racers will start on a long, wide pavement section for the first 200 yards.

From there, a left turn over the curb will have riders come back and parallel the pavement as the first kidney busting hard pack starts. This is also a two-way traffic zone and similar terrain will make up the first half of the course. A 90 degree right hander will give riders the first entrance to pit row as riders are sent around the perimeter of the Old Mill District’s undeveloped grounds before being brought back to the pits a second time.

After pit #2, riders will be sent across the pavement to the Deschutes Brewery property and met with energy sapping (if not frozen) grass. A steep stair step run up, off-camber grass and barriers will greet riders as they ride through the official beer grounds on the brewery property. A short pavement climb will lead riders to the potentially difficult off-camber decent with a sharp 180 turn at the bottom. Then there’s an additional steep run up before sending riders back to the pavement to start their next laps.

Race course preview #1: