Page in his DIY National Champion kit at Kings CX. © Cyclocross Magazine

Page in his DIY National Champion kit at Kings CX. © Cyclocross Magazine

It seems like all of the Americans who raced Worlds went straight back to the race circuit: Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers headed to Tokyo, while Jonathan Page immediately returned to Belgium for Superprestige Hoogstraten. We were chatting with Page as he cleaned his bikes after the race, and while we were mostly talking about his race at Nationals for Issue 20, we wanted to hear a bit more about his newest sponsor, Fuji, which was announced just days before the World Championship race in Louisville. While Page cleaned his bikes, his wife Cori and I typed back and forth on Skype as she read my questions to him and typed his answers.

Cyclocross Magazine: First question: how’s the new sponsor? When did you start talking with Fuji and what made you choose them?

Jonathan Page: Fuji is great. Awesome bikes, kind people. I actually knew one of them from long ago on the National Team. I talked to them 45 minutes before the start of Cincinnati. I am only on contract until the end of this season but I am hoping they will be extending it.

CXM: How do you like the bike [the Fuji Altimara, which we reviewed in Issue 19]?

JP: Love it. Responsive. Stiff. Light. I can feel the difference.

CXM:Do you think the race at Nats helped cement that new sponsorship?

JP: Ah, no one cares about the Nationals. Haha! [Cori added, “He’s laughing his ass off”]

CXM:I can picture it.

JP: More funny questions, please.

CXM: Do you feel like the win at Nats helped serve as a reminder to the newer cyclocross fans in the US that you’re still racing hard?

JP: I certainly felt a huge connection with the US fans at the worlds in the USA. I didn’t feel like an outsider. I don’t know if it was all due to the Nationals win, but it probably helped.

CXM: Do you think more of them will be paying attention to Euro ’cross now?

JP: I think a lot of people pay attention to the Euro ’cross scene, but I think it’s harder for people to cheer me on when I am back in the 20s. I didn’t have a good season the first half so …

CXM: How do you like the JPTFU business going around? I got a button with your face on it at Worlds!

JP:I think it’s hilarious. I have heard stories of people posting signs like that at their work to encourage people to commute. I was just a guy out there doing what I had to do in the weeks before Worlds, but I love that people took it and made it funny.

CXM: How will the Nationals win/sponsorship stuff impact next year’s schedule? Still mostly Euro racing?

JP: It all depends upon my sponsor situation. Things should be set (or not) by mid March. Then I’ll know, but I’ll return for some racing here for sure.

CXM: Which was more important/which were you more focused on: a win at Nationals or a good race at Worlds?

JP: Both I guess … Nationals was more stressful than Worlds because by Worlds, I didn’t feel like I had to prove anything anymore, I just had to go out and do my best. It coulda been good there too …

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