Amy Dombroski living it up at the 2013 World Championships in Louisville. © Nathan Hofferber / Cyclocross Magazine

Amy Dombroski here at the 2013 World Championships in Louisville. © Nathan Hofferber / Cyclocross Magazine

In Issue 22 of Cyclocross Magazine (in the mail now), Paceline Products has an ad featuring their rider, Amy Dombroski. Here, they share their thoughts with the community about the tragedy.

It is with great sadness that we, along with all of cycling, mourn the passing of Amy Dombroski. A gifted and driven athlete, Amy was also a wonderfully compassionate and giving person, serving as a tremendous role model for her peers and her fans. We’re proud and honored that she chose to be a part of the Chamois Butt’r family.

In the near future you’ll see print advertising from us featuring imagery of Amy in her element; battling the odds and holding nothing back on course. This may be inaccurately viewed by some as inappropriately promotional in the face of great tragedy. To our fans and friends, many of whom who also knew Amy-please know that the ad was submitted many weeks ago. Efforts to pull it were made immediately upon hearing the terrible news, but proved ultimately unsuccessful; the issue had already been printed.

We offer our sincere apology in advance of any misperception of our intent. It is our hope that readers will elect to view this inspiring image of Amy as a tribute to her undeniable gifts; as an elite competitor and an exceptional human being. Her absence creates a void in our cycling community that will forever remain unfilled.

To Amy’s family and to the rest of the cycling community who were privileged to call her a friend; we share your grief.


Steve Mathews – President

Paceline Products & Chamois Butt’r