Update: The Broken Arrow won best cyclocross bike of NAHBS 2015.
Number 22 Bicycle Company builds titanium bikes in upstate New York. It’s been doing this for four years, but after the legendary Serotta closed its doors, the company took on an experienced welder to help with production. Last Fall, we had a first look at their original cyclocross bike: The Broken Arrow.

The company offers up stock frames and bikes, and the Broken Arrow is offered as a complete bike, similar in build to the NAHBS bike seen in the images below, for $5499, through dealers and also directly through its own website.

It also can do custom models, for specific customer sizing or feature needs, or can add extra fittings to its stock models, like rack and fender mounts, should the customer require them.

We talked with one of Number 22’s owners, Michael Smith, about his show bike that was entered into the Best Cyclocross Bike category at NAHBS 2015 in Louisville. Watch him give Cyclocross Magazine a walk-through of the Broken Arrow cyclocross bike below, and see our slideshow of images of the bike.

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