Noosa Yoghurt loves cyclocross. It has shown this by sponsoring Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller’s cyclocross team, extending its sponsoring through next cyclocross season, and now, rewarding some lucky Cyclocross Magazine readers with yoghurt and swag.

Check out Noosa’s’ release and video below, and enter the contest daily for a chance to win free Noosa Yoghurt and Noosa gift packs which includes free Yoghurt coupons, Noosa socks, and a Noosa waterbottle. Update: Noosa has increased its prizes, but is unable to award a team kit. 

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Think yoghurt and a tough course go together like…well maybe they don’t go together at all? Guess again. Noosa CX’s Meredith Miller and Allen Krughoff are living proof that the protein and calcium-packed stuff makes a world of difference on and off their bikes.

Their sponsorship deal with Noosa Finest Yoghurt was cemented at the start of the season this year, and both riders couldn’t be happier. “It was a match that made sense from the start. Immediately we felt as if we had found a ‘home’ where we could take a team to the top,” Miller says. Krughoff echoes the sentiment, “I’ve realized over the course of the season that our team personality, in addition to racing fast, is what sets us apart and at the same time aligns us so well with Noosa.”

Both Krughoff and Miller are known for their upbeat, can-do attitudes and carefully honed riding styles. When prompted to share an unconventional training tip, they both came up with some thought-provoking and brilliantly simple ideas. Krughoff points out that sometimes the best thing to do during a ride is to, well, just sit down. “This [tactic] really helps me work on my seated power for riding in the mud and snow,” he says. Meanwhile, Miller suggests keeping your route fresh. “Don’t be afraid to ride on dirt or gravel! There is usually less traffic, you’ll improve your bike handling skills and it’s fun,” she says.

They also recommend a hearty serving of yoghurt (Coconut Noosa, to be exact). As the 2014 season draws to a close, it’s safe to say they’ve got a good thing going on: Miller took the top spot at September’s CrossVegas event and Krughoff finished second at November’s Boulder Cup on his very own home course at Valmont Bike Park.

When they aren’t racing to victory, the team trains at Noosa HQ on a scenic dairy farm in Bellvue, Colorado. As Miller puts it, “We [get to] eat copious amounts of deliciousness while getting our ‘fast’ on. What more could an athlete want from their sponsor?” Check out what a day racing (and eating) on the farm is like in the video below:

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