Story magazine cover, "Niels Albert the Flemish Tiger Woods"

Story magazine cover, "Niels Albert the Flemish Tiger Woods"

by Josh Liberles

The cyclocross season isn’t over yet, but one of the sport’s top talents is clearly already having a good time during the last few weeks of racing. Niels Albert recently participated in a job swap with Belgian superstar crooner Christoff. Check out the video below from of the duo singing, then indoor-tandem-cyclocross riding.

[flv: 500 420]

Albert, who  has claimed an impressive 16 victories in this cyclocross season thus far, had a disappointing Worlds and withdrew halfway through the race. As his manager, Christophe Roodhooft, told Gazet van Antwerpen, “He has a bit of a burn-out.”

Perhaps Albert’s performance slip is a mental one, which could be related to the fallout from his extra curricular activities. That possibility brings us to the salacious side of the news – speaking of having a good time,the rumor mills have churned up around Albert’s personal life again, with Belgian gossip magazine Story recently running a feature making Albert out to be “the Flemish Tiger Woods.”

Apparently Albert has been with between six and ten women recently, with at least one threesome thrown in. Albert doesn’t dispute the actions, only the time line, claiming that the relations happened between his previous and current relationships. Perhaps in addition to the typical training forays, Albert’s off season program will follow Woods’ lead and feature a stay in a camp for “indiscretion” addictions, instead of a training camp? That visit to the States could also let him check out the Louisville scene and prepare for the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships.