Double vision!? © Linard Cimermanis

Double vision!? © Linard Cimermanis

by Dave Sheek

The Mullery twins may initially confuse both fans and fellow competitors until they realize that there are, in fact, two identical brothers on course. On a recent trip to Colorado, even their mother was apologizing to the two after the race for confusing who was who during the event. But, this is something the two enjoy. As Conor explains, “No one can ever tell us a part when racing, the only trick is Kevin has his ears pierced. Though sometimes it helps to our advantage in a race when everyone thinks there is only one of us and we keep attacking. It’s more of a mental thing on our competitors if they only think there is one of us.”

These Irish-Americans are fast cyclocross racers, but racing the road is their main focus. They started road racing back in 2006 and tried cross to keep some fitness through the year. Then in 2007, Ben Turner of the Clif Bar Development Team asked if the two would be interested in racing with them, and the brothers have fallen in love with ‘cross ever since.

Running the grass © Mat Peters

Running the grass © Mat Peters

The Mullervys keep busy between training and attending Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado where the two study sports management. They enjoy attending school together because they constantly keep each other motivated. Unfortunately, living in Grand Junction they have to drive nearly four hours over the pass every weekend to the more central part of Colorado where the ultra-competitive state cyclocross series goes down.

Conor says that, although the brothers have similar speed, they’re not competitive with each other. It turns out to be more of a race-to-race thing of who is stronger each week. On the road, they typically finish time trials within about a second of one another.

These are two of the fastest U23 riders in Colorado and, while they have to battle with the likes of Danny Summerhill each week, they love the competition and can base their fitness around how they finish compared to these established riders.

Although this season has brought bad luck with mechanicals and flats, they both are looking for results in the collegiate race at National Championships this year. Last season at Nationals they had solid results – look for them to improve in Bend and threaten for a podium spot in the collegiate and U23 races.

The Brothers: Mullervy Twins, Kevin & Conor

Team: Clif Bar Development

Hometown: Grand Junction, Colorado

Date of Birth: April 8, 1988 (Racing age: 22)


Conor: 7th, 2008 Collegiate National Championships; 2nd, Lyons Cross, 2009; 4th, Castle Cross; 7th, Brecktobercross.

Kevin: 2nd, 2008 Collegiate National Championships; 10th, Alpha Cross; 12th, Castle Cross.

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