Coryn Rivera (Proman Fuji) leads Antonneau and Ryan  © Janet Hill

Coryn Rivera (Proman Fuji) leads Antonneau and Ryan © Janet Hill

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The junior women kicked off day two of the Nationals Championships in Bend, Oregon at 8 a.m. The 10-12 year olds followed the 13-14’s for 20 minutes of hot racing in really cold, single-digit temperature conditions. Sarah Huang (Planet Bike) would look to add a second ‘cross title in the 15-16 race, while a battle was brewing in the 17-18 race between Coryn Rivera (Proman Hit Squad) and Kaitlin Antonneau (Planet Bike) after they took turns beating one another at the Portland USGP last week. Check back soon for full photos, results and an expanded report.

Women’s 10-12

Mina Anderberg was the first of the Colorado contingent to kick off a strong day of results in the Junior’s category. Anderberg battled some of the coldest and slickest conditions of the day to prove that she’s a rider to watch. Today was Anderberg’s second consecutive title in the 10-12 age group.

1. Mina Anderberg (Team Fuji)
2. Eden Webb
3. Ashley Zoerner
4. Haley Wilson
5. Claire McHale

Junior Women, Cyclocross National Championships. © Janet Hill.

Tiziana Dehorney takes a close win in the 13-14 Junior Women's race. © Janet Hill

The very first group of the day at 8 AM, when the temps were just starting to crawl above ZERO, were the 13-14 year old women. Tiziana DeHorney fought a tight battle with Emma White to win her first national CX title. DeHorney proved that it takes more than a little snow to hold a southwestern rattlesnake down! She represents a growing group of up-and-coming youth ‘cross riders coming out of the grassroots scene in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1. Tiziana Dehorney (Active Knowledge)
2. Emma White (Capital Bicycle Racing Club)
3. Laurel Rathbun (5280 Magazine)
4. Mccauley Smith (Boulder Junior Cycling)
5. Andrea Casebolt (Rad Racing NW)

Women’s 15-16
Sarah Huang put in a strong effort with amazing support from her Planet Bike team for her second cyclocross title. Huang took an early lead and put over 30 seconds into her chasers. Alexis Ryan and Emily Curley, daughter of recently re-crowned national champ Paul Curley, followed in second and third. After the race, Huang spoke of her pursuit of all types of racing including track and road, echoing a path much like current junior standout Coryn Rivera.

1. Sarah Huang (Planet Bike)
2. Alexis Ryan (SoCalCross)
3. Emily Curley
4.Corrie Osborne
5. Taylor Tyynismaa

Women’s 17-18
If there were any doubt that Rivera’s one of the dominant juniors of her generation, they’re gone today. Rivera won her 25th national championship (ed. note – it’s impossible to count them all at this point) today in commanding fashion. After a disappointing USGP in Portland, Rivera showed that, when crunch time comes, she’s the boss. Kaitlin Antonneu and Ryan Kendall put in strong efforts but couldn’t handle Rivera’s winning pace. She finished ahead of second place Antonneau by 47 seconds. These girls will likely jump in with the Elite women on Sunday to get their feet wet for their entrance into the big leagues.

Photo Gallery:

1. Coryn Rivera (Proman Hit Squad)
2. Kaitlin Antonneau (Planet Bike)
3. Kendall Ryan (SoCalCross)
4. Emily Shields (Carolina Masters Cycling Club)
5. Clarissa Freeman (Team Cross)

Photo Gallery:

Full Results:

1. Coryn RIVERA(Proman Hit Squad) Female 17-18
2. Kaitlin ANTONNEAU(Planet Bike) Female 17-18
3. Kendall RYAN(Socalcross) Female 17-18
4. Emily SHIELDS(Carolina Masters Cycling Club) Female 17-18
5. Clarissa FREEMAN(Team Cross) Female 17-18
6. Katherine SHIELDS(Carolina Masters Cycling) Female 17-18
7. Matilda FIELD() Female 17-18
8. Sierra REID() Female 17-18
DNS. Sarah TANNYHILL(Rmcef-westside) Female 17-18

1. Sarah HUANG(Planet Bike) Female 15-16
2. Alexis RYAN(Socalcross) Female 15-16
3. Emily CURLEY() Female 15-16
4. Corrie OSBORNE() Female 15-16
5. Taylor TYYNISMAA() Female 15-16
6. Madeleine MYALL(California Giant Berry Farms/s) Female 15-16
7. Hannah Rae FINCHAMP(Team C.i.c.l.e.) Female 15-16
8. Larisa WADE(Rad Racing) Female 15-16
9. Catherine MAIER(Rad Racing Nw) Female 15-16
10. Maxime SCHIMMEL(Bike Trip/scjcc) Female 15-16
DNS. Laura WRIGHT(Bmw Bianchi) Female 15-16
1. Tiziana DEHORNEY(Active Knowledge) Female 13-14
2. Emma WHITE(Capital Bicycle Racing Club/ C) Female 13-14
3. Laurel RATHBUN(5280 Magazine) Female 13-14
4. Mccauley SMITH(Boulder Junior Cycling) Female 13-14
5. Andrea CASEBOLT(Rad Racing Nw) Female 13-14
6. Anna SUTER(Black Sheep Jr Racing) Female 13-14
7. Rachel DOBROZSI(Qcw Lionhearts) Female 13-14
8. Kirsten WILLIAMS(Natural Grocers P/b Xp Compani) Female 13-14
9. Ellie WELSHON(Black Sheep Junior Cycling) Female 13-14
10. Mackenzie GREEN(Lionhearts) Female 13-14
11. Anna BESHLIAN(20/20 Fuel) Female 13-14
12. Marisa REID(Zteam) Female 13-14

1. Mina ANDERBERG(Team Fuji) Female 10-12
2. Eden WEBB() Female 10-12
3. Ashley ZOERNER() Female 10-12
4. Haley WILSON() Female 10-12
5. Claire MCHALE() Female 10-12
6. Frances HALEY(Red Zone Cycling) Female 10-12
7. Cate MCSHANE(Red Zone Cycling) Female 10-12
8. Alyssa HOYT() Female 10-12
9. Elle WILLIAMS() Female 10-12
DNF. Veda GERASIMEK(One Call Now) Female 10-12