Enter Clif Bars Meet the Moment content, cyclocross style and win some swag.

Enter the Clif Bar Meet the Moment content, cyclocross style and win some swag.

It seems like the Wells brothers are in a giving and protecting mood. After Todd Wells won $50k for Arizona off-road bike trails, younger brother Troy Wells is helping his sponsor CLIF Bar to raise money for protecting “Places We Play.” Details below.

Meet the Moment is a CLIF Bar fundraiser for non-profits focused on protecting the wilderness. For every person that submits their own Moment Postcard, CLIF will donate $5 to one of five non-profit projects that goes directly to preserving beaches, slopes, trails and mountains. The larger initiative centers around Protecting the Places We Play, so the more people that submit stories, the more support will be raised for preservation.

CLIF Bar and Cyclocross Magazine are hosting a cyclocross-specific giveaway for this contest. One lucky cyclocrosser will win a CLIF prize pack (box of CLIF Bars, t-shirt, water bottles, and stickers). To enter, go to CLIF Bar’s Meet the Moment site and make your own cyclocross-inspired Moment Postcard. (It’s a simple five-minute process, you upload a picture and then add in words and a brief summary of the snapshot.) After you upload your snapshot there, leave a comment on this post so we know to look for it. Next week, we’ll pick a lucky winner who will receive the prize pack.

For more information or to just be inspired, check out the video below, which features Troy Wells:

[youtube 1tNYzS_GhJU 580 450]