SWEDEN — Team Kalas has dominated both MTB- and cross-races throughout Sweden over the year. Todays championship was expected to see at least two riders from the squad up on the podium. An unfortunate crash just before the race put Matthias Wengelin out of contention as he was rushed to hospital after landing head first on one of the course obstacles. Magnus Darvell, however, held the flag of the team and brought home his first title as cyclocross rider.

Darvell is an all-rounder as he has a history as a road cyclist with the Latvian continental team Rietumo Banka Riga. Last year, he won the nationals on a MTB. Today he dominated the cyclocross race from start to finish.

The battle for the remaining podium was more thrilling as two-time champion Jens Westergren (Falu CK) had a mechanical misshap early in the race setting him back quite a bit. He made it back to the podium leaving Linus Dahlberg (Cykloteket RT) in second.

The women’s race saw three-time defending champion Kajsa Snihs (Merida) lose for the first time since the championships started. The new keeper of the jersey is the former MTB-pro Åsa Erlandsson (Varberg).

Results Men Elite:

1 DARVELL Magnus Kalas CK 1:01:40
2 DAHLBERG Linus F. Cykloteket RT 0:21
3 WESTERGREN Jens Falu CK 0:22
4 DAHLSTRÖM Jesper Motala AIF CK 1:00
5 SÖDERQUIST Ludwig F. Cykloteket RT 1:10
6 S FLOCKHART Mikael Föreningen Team P 1:57
7 BERTILSSON Christian CK 2:15
8 ERIKSSON Martin F. Cykloteket RT 3:15
9 LARSSON Jesper Kalas CK 3:36
10 PERSSON Petter CK C4 3:50
11 LINDH Axel Härnösands CK 4:02
12 GALLE Simon Fredrikshofs IF CK 4:15
13 NYSTRAND Johan Uddevalla CK 4:20
14 ERIKSSON Emil Fredrikshofs IF CK 4:26
15 HÖGLUND David Vallentuna CK 5:00
16 STENBERG Anders Borås CA 5:27
17 WIRENSTEDT Paul CK C4 5:28
18 NORÉN Johan Mariestadcyklisten 5:37
19 SONESSON Benny CK C4 6:37
20 RUNNBERG Rikard CK Master 7:05
21 ANDERSSON Niclas Kolmårdens MTB 7:40
22 JOHANSSON Pontus F. Cykloteket RT + 1 varv
23 WANNERSKOG Axel Mölndals CK + 2 varv
24 KARLSSON Thomas F. Cykloteket RT
25 HEDSTRÖM Robin Vallentuna CK + 3 varv
26 ZANDRE Karl-Axel Vallentuna CK
27 OLOFSSON Fredrik CK C4 + 4 varv

Women Elite:

1 ERLANDSSON Åsa Varbergs MTB 38:55
2 SNIHS Kajsa IK Jarl 0:47
3 EDVARDSSON Angelica F. Cykloteket RT 1:08
4 AUNE Karin Örebrocyklisterna 1:36
5 STRÖM Lisa Falu CK 2:17
6 LINDBERG Marie Åstorps CK 2:39
7 PERSSON Anna Åstorps CK 3:15