Just as we saw with the NAHBS 2015 People’s Choice Award-Winning Mars Cycles’ fillet brazed cyclocross bike, we enjoy discovering new frame builders at NAHBS to see their innovative approach to building a cyclocross bike frame. LoveBaum, a combination of the two founders names (Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann), also entered their offerings into the show, and we examined their frame with Baumann.

The two not only managed to impress us, but impressed the NAHBS judges as well, who awarded LoveBaum with the best new frame builders award. Lovings and Baumann are both Colorado frame builders who met while studying under Koichi Yamaguchi. They now operate their shop out of Denver Colorado, and offer everything from track, road, touring and, of course, cyclocross.

Note that LoveBaum is a completely separate entity than the Australian company, Baum, who makes a titanium cyclocross bike called the Turanti. Baum gave the Colorado frame builders their blessing in using the LoveBaum name.

You can find details of the cyclocross bike through the slider below, as well as more information about their builds and pricing at, and see our ever-growing list of NAHBS 2015 cyclocross and gravel bikes and goodies here.

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Lovebaum's brazed cyclocross frameset. NAHBS 2015. © Cyclocross Magazine

LoveBaum’s brazed cyclocross frameset, fully built at NAHBS 2015. © Cyclocross Magazine

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