Live coverage of the Cincinnati International Cyclocross Festival will be throughout the day, but will really get active with the women’s and men’s Elite race. The Java Johnny’s – Lionhearts International Cyclocross (UCI C2) women’s race starts at 2:00 p.m. EST, and the mens’ race is at 4:00 EST. On Sunday, the Bio Wheels/United Dairy Farmers Harbin Park Cyclo-Cross action starts with the women at 2:00 p.m. EST and the men at 3:00 p.m. This page will refresh every two minutes automatically – leave your window open if you’re watching, but close and come back if you’re gonna be away for a while as to not kill our cat III hamsters. No guarantees on how often updates will occur, but they’ll happen!

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Powers, bishop and wicks take the podium. Popper finished strong but was pulled as he was passed. A good race for all about 2 hours ago

The race is picking up speed for the last lap. Popper has been lapped by powers, but so has a fair number of equally strong riders about 2 hours ago

The front group has fractured and powers is leading solo with two to go. Popper is sitting about 29 and looks whupped about 3 hours ago

At the barriers at the beginning of the fifth lap and near the start,popper is 26 with a rider on his wheel about 3 hours ago

Popper looks to have moved roughly to 25 place and is alone in the mid of the fourth lap about 3 hours ago

Wicks is leading again a group of five. Lalonde is sitting well at ninth and popper has worked his way to 25 and killed a few in the sand about 3 hours ago

Powers is in the lead,wicks about six back. Popper position is unchanged for the second lap about 3 hours ago

At the sand pit, a brutal u-shape at the end of the course,wicks is in the lead and ben is about 30 back but looking good about 3 hours ago

The elite men have started and there was a huge pileup. Popper didn’t get caught up and is midpack and unscathed about 3 hours ago

And while this is all going on, the elite men are warming up and gathering near the start. The same big guns as yesterday are here, but … … about 4 hours ago

different course there may be a shakeup about 4 hours ago


The kids are back thru for another lap after a practice lap and looks as if a group of juniors on redlines are out to crush the pack about 4 hours ago

The future stars of american cx are setting a scorching pace about 4 hours ago


In order, compton, noyd and butler. while they are receiving their flowers and cash the kids race is about to start about 4 hours ago

Uci women at ohio, finish: compton, rachel walden(?), butler. Haskell 5th, gould in 6 about 4 hours ago

Gould back on the course in the teens. Haskill battling it out for 4th about 4 hours ago

Wheel change for gould… She’s back in the teens…. If that. still in the pit… Still in the pit. about 4 hours ago

gould had mechanical, went 2nd to 7th or so about 4 hours ago

Gould is beginning to reel compton in. Haskell in 6th but gaining on 5th about 5 hours ago

Here in ohio, compton off the front, Then 3 incl gould. Haskill in 6 about 5 hours ago

women just started. Fast start but compton already off the front. about 5 hours ago

compton and gould both here to battle for equal payout & glory… haskell looking great too. Women start in 30. about 6 hours ago

Today’s ohio uci course is tightly wound on a small neighborhood park. Lots of turns, short runups, sandpit that’s in-out-180-back in. about 10 hours ago