Old school cyclocross, from years ago in Czechoslovakia

Old school cyclocross, from years ago in Czechoslovakia

We’re not experts in Latvian, but apparently there’s cyclocross in Latvia, including a kid’s race, on April 4, 2015.  To drum up interest in the event and expose people to the sport of cyclocross, the organizers have published a short, classic cyclocross racing video that our Facebook followers have really enjoyed and shared.

The race appears to be some footage from a race in the region years ago. Check out the varied handlebars (flat, drop, mustache) and various forms and levels of head protection.

The shared post says something to the effect of, thanks to Elgar Vaivar’s translation:

“Don’t sit @ home. Check out how our parents and grandparents pedalled around the blue mountains of Ogre. No doubt when everyone has moved on to flying bicycles they will look back at our 2015 cross and be amazed. Come and be a part of history, sign up for our race!”

For all the non-Facebook users out there, here it is for your enjoyment: