Kabush redeems his weekend with a win at Whiskey 50. © Cyclocross Magazine

Back in 2013, Kabush taking the win at  Whiskey 50. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mirroring their wins in 2013 Canadian Cyclocross Nationals, Geoff Kabush and Catharine Pendrel took the Elite Men and Elite Women’s Cross Country titles yesterday at Hardwood Hills in Ontario.

Kabush’s win makes the Olympian the eight-time National XC Champion, a title that comes on the heels of his win in the US’s Pro XCT Series. Fellow cyclocrosser Raphael Gagne managed to snag third place behind Kabush’s teammate Derek Zandstra.

In the women’s race, Pendrel and 2013 National Champion Emily Batty were the two heavy favorites heading into the race. An early season injury (broken collarbone) had impacted Pendrel’s season, but it was clear early on that she had fully recovered, and that even the most technical sections at Hardwood were no match for her. Pendrel eventually emerged victorious, and Batty came in for second, followed by Sandra Walters.

US XC MTB Nationals was also this weekend, and you can check out the report here.