Jonathan Page and his Blue Cycles Norcross bike ready to go. © Cyclocross Magazine

Jonathan Page and his Blue Cycles Norcross bike ready to go. © Cyclocross Magazine

by Kenton Berg

The second night of the “Four Perfect Cross Days” got under way on the Starcrossed course last night as rain began to fall again and course preparations continued around us. Three-time Elite National Champion Jonathan Page (Planet Bike) was on hand, along with Nick Weighall (California Giant Berry Farms) and David Richter (Herriott Sports), to deliver a clinic that would focus on the Starcrossed course and its nuances, skills, and overall race preparation.

A crowd of nearly 60 riders gathered and listened intently as Page began the session talking about gear, the start of the race and its many facets, and tidbits like tire pressure preferences. After a few questions the group moved around the course to examine, ride, and receive some guidance on key parts of the course. The log run, the barriers, and the transitions from grass to pavement were all looked at and discussed. Participants watched in awe as both Page and Weighall showed of their finely honed elite-level skills and made even the most difficult sections look easy.

As with any session like this, the Q & A can bring about an assortment of notable quotes, but the zen-like quote from Jonathan Page is something we can all aspire to in cross racing “flow like water, find the path of least resistance.” Yes, young grasshopper!

With the weather forecast calling for more rain, we will be flowing like water on the ever-softening lines of the Starcrossed course for StarCrossed on Saturday. If you can’t attend the race, don’t forget to tune in for live coverage beginning at 6:45 pm Pacific time right here on Photo gallery below.

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