Driscoll heads to third in teh Sea Otter ’cross race. © Mike Albright

Driscoll heads to third in the Sea Otter ’cross race. © Mike Albright

Jamey Driscoll is one of the young guns of ’cross who—at least partially—left the sport in recent years to focus on a road career. But after scoring the Raleigh-Clement contract at Raleigh’s Midsummer Night Cross race last July (as the first unattached rider to claim the team spot), he was back in action. And this season, rather than racing on the road for another team, he’s focusing on mountain biking for Raleigh-Clement, and just finished third at Sea Otter’s cyclocross race.

Cyclocross Magazine: So you’re trying out mountain biking this season!

Jamey Driscoll: Yeah, we’ll see how it goes!

CXM: How did it feel this weekend?

JD: Well, like any kind of racing, I recommend training. So… you know, it’s not part of my plan to be really fast right now, I just want to get out there and represent Raleigh-Clement in the race. I’m looking forward to the summer!

CXM: So does that mean less road this season?

JD: Yeah…

CXM: What prompted that?

JD: Some contract stuff, but I think it’s definitely working out for the best. I’m excited.

CXM: So will that mean a lot more ’cross?

JD: Not more ’cross, just probably better results. I had problems coming off a very big road season and doing essentially a full ’cross season.

CXM: So what’s next?

JD: The Whiskey 50. I’ve always ridden on the dirt in the summer, so we’ll see how I do racing on it.

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