Back at Frost Bike 201e, iSSi pedals put on a colorful show, offering a mountain bike and cyclocross oriented pedal, called the Pedal iSSi II, with options of Brilliant White, Hi-Vis Yellow, Hi-Vis Orange, Tru Blu, Really Red, iSSi Pink, Bright Silver and Intense Black. At the show, it showed off a prototype with a wider platform.

The company recently updated this model, called the Pedal iSSi Trail, and today we will be taking a First Look at some of the finer details of the larger-platform option.

One of our favorite things about the Pedal iSSi Trail is the numbered guide in the spring tension setting, which allows for a measurable a level of consistency between multiple pedals: A good thing for those looking for a pedal on their start line and pit bikes.

The biggest update of the model was the release angle and compatibility, a change iSSi calls "Retention Claw Geometry." On the models sold in 2014, the release angle was set at 20 degrees, and a debate ensued with whether or not the pedals were SPD compatible. Now the pedals are officially compatible with Shimano SPD cleats (as well as Wellgo 98A cleats) and with the sharper angle of the retention claw, has a 15 degree release point.

While we had some luck in our own tests, we understood that the compatibility wasn't perfect. The squared-off, flat retention "clips" make it a bit harder than with the more contoured clips on a Shimano SPD pedal to find the entry point.

Speaking of their "Retention Claws," iSSi also revamped its pedals with a new heat treating process designed to increase the lifespan of its retention claws.

The Pedal iSSi Trail has a good-sized platform for cyclocross newbies not confident of hitting their pedal on remounts. Even trail riders, commuters, gravel riders or flexible shoe lovers may appreciate the platform as well. If you ride your bike at times with normal shoes to the coffee shop or to work, there’s more of a platform, even though your feet will still mostly sit on top of the bails/clips of the pedal.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that one of the standout factors we like about the iSSi pedals in general is the color choices as well as the diversity of axle lengths: 52.2mm is standard with options for +6mm and +12mm. We always appreciate serviceable pedals, and iSSi falls squarely into that category with small part rebuild kits availble as well.

The model is also available in a three sealed cartridge axle bearing version, which the company calls the Pedal iSSi Triple Trail. This three sealed cartridge axle bearing model is also available with their smaller Pedal iSSi Trail models, although in both cases, the spindle length is set at 52.2mm.

For more details and the specs of the pedals, use the slider below. More Info:

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The iSSi Trail Pedal. © Cyclocross Magazine

We received the classic-lokking iSSi Trail Pedals, although there are many color options available. © Cyclocross Magazine

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