Vos on the way to the win at Centrumcross ©Thomas van Bracht

Vos on the way to the win at Centrumcross. ©Thomas van Bracht

Marianne Vos is arguably the most successful cyclist in the world. With an Olympic gold medal in the books, a World Champion cyclocross title from 2012, and the Dutch 2012 National Championship title, among many other accomplishments. So when we got to interview her after checking out the Louisville 2013 Worlds course, we were pretty darn excited.

“We came yesterday here to Louisville,” she explained, however, they arrived in the US a week prior for a training camp in Texas – where the weather was warm, as compared to Louisville right now. “Now … it’s freezing cold,” Vos laughs.

“I like it,” she says of the course. “It’s more muddy than we thought. The stories we heard and the videos we saw on the Internet, it was fast and not so technical, but I think it’s going to be pretty hard.”

“Everyone has a favorite style of course,” she said, when asked about her thoughts on the American/Euro-vibe of the course. “For me, it doesn’t really matter, I don’t really care about the course … This year will be mud, and I think this year it’ll be cool.”

“I feel completely ready for the race,” she told us. While she may not top the World Cup podium, Vos didn’t start her season until later. “Especially after this season with the Olympic Games, I needed some rest. I needed it for sure.”

But is she ready for Worlds? “Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course.”

And she’s happy it’s in the US, mainly for the sake of the sport. “It’s not a really big sport. It’s good to get more recognition. I’ve heard some good stories about cyclocross in America. I hope to be surprised by the crowds.”

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