The Museeuw MF Cross oozes Belgian class. by Jake Sisson

Interbike gives builders a chance to show off their new models. by Jake Sisson

Interbike, the largest US bicycle trade show, will be held in Anaheim, CA, starting next year. The event has been held in Las Vegas since 1998, and will be again starting in a few weeks to coincide with CrossVegas.

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, the 2011 show will begin Aug. 1st, a change meant to better coincide with consumer purchasing habits. The two-day Outdoor Demo is scheduled for Irvine Regional Park, and will move indoors to the 815,000 square foot Anaheim Convention Center Aug. 3-5. Irvine beat out Salt Lake City, Utah to host the convention for the next three years.

The big question on our minds here at Cyclocross Magazine is, what does this mean for CrossVegas? Interbike certainly helped the race become the biggest event on the calendar, so will the event still be able to pull in the same record numbers without the draw of the trade show, or is a move to Anaheim in the cards for the race as well? Promoter Brook Watts has told Cyclocross Magazine that he’s already looking at “‘cross during Interbike at Anaheim (exact location and categories TBD) and [the] future of CrossVegas.”

The early August date will pose a challenge for having a UCI race, and even without UCI points, the timing will conflict with a lot of road pros’ schedule. Specta Cross gave early August a shot but found the timing tough. However, Anaheim, unlike Vegas, has a healthy local ‘cross community and should be able draw both more spectators and participants than a stand-alone Vegas race.

Perhaps Vegas could move to a late season date and bring some relative warmth to a December or January schedule? A season-ending party to blow out the season? Would you make the trip?

Stay tuned.