Van Dessel's Gin and Trombones got a new paintjob, inspired by the Belgian flag. by Jake Sisson

Van Dessel's Gin and Trombones got a new paint job, inspired by the Belgian flag. by Jake Sisson

Van Dessel Gin and Trombones

Van Dessel recently showed off new paint job on it’s top of the line Gin and Trombones model, which finds itself under such riders as Adam Myerson for the 2010 season. The Gin and Trombone’s new paint job is inspired by the flag of Belgium, seen by many as cyclocross’ motherland, and the graphics are striking indeed. Van Dessel has continued the trend of using the oversized BB30 bottom bracket system, and has included it on this year’s model. For a modest $2499, you get an aluminum frame with a carbon seat stay, a Sram Rival build with Shimano wheels, that tips the scales at around 18.5 pounds.

Masi CXR

Also joining the club of bikes with new paint jobs for 2010 is the Masi CXR, their own top of the line cyclocross rig, which gets a metallic pearl white makeover. The frame is a full aluminum construct that received extensive R&D input from the Kenda professional team which rode the CXR during last year’s cyclocross season. Masi is using Kore Brakes and a new Kore wheelset, which gets a custom touch with red spoke nipples. The bike is due to retail for $1785 with Shimano 105 components. A 55 cm bike is listed at 19.8 pounds.

Trigon XCC 701

Trigon has been producing frames in Taiwan for many of cycling’s top companies for years, and has just recently made a move to break into the U.S. market. Their top end cyclocross frame is the XCC 701, which uses carbon tubes joined by carbon wrapped aluminum lugs, which provide extra stiffness. The XCC 701’s pricing has yet to be finalized, but a Rival build would cost in the neighborhood of the mid-$2000 range.

Prologo's Scratch Pro saddle is the saddle of choice for the new Cannondale line. by Jake Sisson

Prologo's Scratch Pro saddle is the saddle of choice for the new Cannondale line. by Jake Sisson

Xpedo Twins Pedals

Xpedo unveiled its Twins pedal at this year’s dirt demo and it has a number of features that will make it a favorite of cyclocross riders. Rather than require the user to put their toe into the pedal first, the Twins has the option of double entry, allowing the rider to put their foot down straight and achieve pedal initiation. Xpedo has also put three sets of sealed cartridge bearings, rather than a single cartridge bearings and a pair of bushings, in their new pedal, which will extend the life of the pedal and give them an increased level of durability. With a titanium spindle, the pedal will weigh 345 grams and cost $250.

Prologo Scratch Pro

The Scratch line has triple density padding that progresses from firm at the rear (to support your sit bones) to soft at the front (to cushion your pubic region), to eliminate the need for a saddle cut out. The same goes for the carbon injected shell, which adds stiffness at the rear of the saddle but uses fishbone cutouts towards the front of the saddle to facilitate flex and dampening. The retail version of the Scratch Pro has a set of carbon rails.

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