Jumps spiced up the indoor, season-ending Cyclocross Masters race

Jumps spiced up the indoor, season-ending Cyclocross Masters race

by Jamie Mack

As most of us enter the off-season, there is a very important segment of our community that doesn’t get much time for the well-deserved rest. While most of us are contemplating how much weight we can gain or trainer sessions we can skip, there is another group already shoulder-deep in next season. Organizers and promoters, without whom nobody can race, are already dealing with logistical and organizational problems for races that are months away.

More and more, these promoters have to work harder and harder to make their events successful. And sometimes that success is based on innovation. Whether held under the lights of Vegas or bringing early season races to a state fair, promoters are vying for racers’ attention by pushing the boundaries of what ‘cross traditionally is. One of the new trends is indoor ‘cross, as displayed in the video below. But another new take on our sport, that we might hope to see more of, is the replacement of barriers with ramps, made all the more exciting by use of different routes that send riders airborne into the sand pit. At least ‘cross is never boring.

Without further ado, see your favorite stars, airborne at the season-ending Cyclocross Masters race in Belgium:

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