The Horror at Harding Hill, New Hampshire, July 18th

The Horror at Harding Hill, New Hampshire, July 18th

Feel like testing your ‘cross rigs on a pure-blooded MTB course? For the first time in 16 years, The Horror at Harding Hill MTB event, held July 18th in Sunapee, NH, is offering a cyclocross classification. Hey, maybe dust off that old mountain bike and bring it along as well.

From Promoter Steve White:

Our venue is within a 500+ acre forest owned by one of our Lion Members and the land is in trust and available for recreational use. The course is about five miles in length and is fairly technical with a mixture of single, double and road track. We have one fairly large climb and a couple of squirrely spots, such as “The Root Canal” (strewn with tree roots) and the “Pig Sty” (if it’s wet … look for mud!). We have been a Championship Event for EFTA since the start and were the first event to use electronic timing. We have always given money to Experts and usually have a good number of medals and other prizes, including one for the King and Queen of the Hill (fastest riders).

Questions? Follow the link for contact info and entry forms.