It’s official. By popular demand, we’ll be hosting, in conjunction with the Gloucester PR team and Behind THE Barriers TV (see the BTBTV’s Gran Prix of Gloucester preview here), a live Tweet stream of the 15th edition of the Gran Prix of Gloucester via several reporters we have on the ground. We’ll have an  auto-updating feed of updates here starting Saturday.

The women’s race starts tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. EDT, with the men’s race following one hour later.

But if you can’t get enough, we’ll have the feed going on all weekend.

Please wait 10 seconds while we load live Tweets from the 2013 Great Brewers’ Gran Prix of Gloucester

Tweet @NEproCX if you have a questions, and the Shimano New England Pro Series’ star reporter will do her best to answer.

Be sure to follow @Cyclocross Magazine, @CXMLIVE, @BTBcxTV and @NEproCX on Twitter if you can’t view our live coverage page. You can even turn on mobile notifications if you have a big text plan.

See the weekend preview video.