Gevenalle, whose mixed drivetrains turn heads at cyclocross races and provide more choices for riders, are introducing their new rim brake hardware, which is domestically machined, and anodized locally in Portland, Oregon.

Even the titanium version is American made, with the bolts hollowed out and caps spun down, keeping the cantilever and road pad weights to a minimum.

All pads that come with the hardware are one of Cyclocross Magazine's favorites: Kool-Stop Salmon. Gevenalle also offers other Kool-Stop pad choices, such as carbon red and the mixed compound for dry riding.

MSRP Per Pair:

Titanium Cross: $50-$60
Stainless Cross: $24-$34
Stainless Road: $24-$34

Weights Per Pair: (complete with shoes, pads and hardware)

CX Pads 39g
CX Pads with Titainium hardware: 30g
Road Pads 32g

Colors: Red, Grey, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange

Pads: Kool Stop Salmon

Use the slider below for views of the different models, brake pad options and colors. More Info:

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Gevenalle’s brake pad hardware, with the Titanium model machined in Portland, and all models available in a variety of anodized colors. © Cyclocross Magazine

Gevenalle offers Kool-Stop pads with their hardware, opting with the wet-condition salmon compound that has become one of our favorites. © Cyclocross Magazine

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