Mike Garrigan broke away early and maintained a strong ride throughout the day. © Andrew Reimann

Mike Garrigan, staying away and keeping away, analyzed in Garriganness . © Andrew Reimann

We at Cyclocross Magazine always enjoy a good parody, especially when it comes to video productions of our sport, such as Bart Wellens’s take on the GCN’s How To Video.

Steve Scoles in Winnipeg, who recently acted as the announcer of the 2014 Canadian Cyclocross Championships, just gave us his rendition of Bill Schieken’s Svenness videos. Spoiler alert: Garrigan takes the lead… he holds on to the lead… he keeps the lead… he finishes with the lead. It’s a thorough analysis, we know.

Somehow we see another Schieken parody in Scoles’s future, possibly Swills, Distills, and Bellyaches: A Cyclocross Beer Tent Primer.