Riders race around the dusty course during hot laps. Trish Albert

Riders race around the dusty course during hot laps. © Trish Albert

by Bob Kuhn

If you could do four race efforts for one dollar, it would be a no brainer right? As an effort to raise money for a much needed equipment trailer, The Georgia Cyclocross Series held a late summer event that was a perfect chance for riders to test their cyclocross legs a month away from the beginning of the season. It was also a perfect time to hold a beginner clinic to teach the art of cyclocross before the event began.

In permitting the event, it was easy to design, but hard to characterize. It was not a “race,” and there would be no dismounts. It was basically a grass criterium, but with open fields, no numbers, and no prizes. The event was held at Jim Miller Park in a large, wide-open grass field. It was set up as in infield section of the Georgia Cyclocross Series race to be held in October.

For one dollar, you could race … er …”ride” a number of efforts. There were three 30-minute efforts spaced 15 minutes apart followed by a final 45 minute effort. Riders could jump out and in as they pleased, and lap times were around 2:45 minutes. The riding was fast, and the efforts were steady. The crowd that showed up was a great mix of ability, and all were enthusiastic and ready to get their ’cross on.

In the end, the fundraising event was a success. Around 40 folks attended the clinic, and many more got some good efforts in.  It was evident to the higher ability riders who was on track a month away from the series start, and maybe who was either holding back a bit or needed some work. Which was it? I won’t tell!

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