FSA's new convertible cantilever cyclocross brake is due in September.

FSA's new K-Force level cantilever cyclocross brake can go from low profile to wide profile and is due in September 2011.

BH bicycles in conjunction with FSA officially introduced another bottom bracket standard labeled BB386 EVO today at the Sea Otter Classic, while FSA officially announced its new K-Force cantilever brake that offers the ability to change configuration from low profile to wide profile, like the Avid Shorty Ultimate.

FSA's new bottom bracket standard - BB386EVOThe BB386EVO is a press fit 86.5mm BB shell width combined with a 30 mm crank spindle diameter. This new standard is said to make interchangeability with other standards easier, as adapters will be available to fit other common existing bottom brackets. The goal with the larger shell is to offer increased frame stiffness, and potentially lighter weight.  Downtubes now increase from a typical 63-68mm to a massive 80mm or larger with the new standard. Chainstay diameters also get larger.

We’ll first see this on road bikes, but is it just a matter of time before cyclocross bikes follow this next step of oversizing everything?

BH's new Ultralight road bike, 10.9 pounds with a 747 gram frame. photo: courtesy

BH's new Ultralight road bike, 10.9 pounds with a 747 gram frame. photo: courtesy

BH bicycles will present this on their flagship BH Ultralight 747g road bike frame later today, built up as a 10.9 lb rideable bike we had a chance to get a sneak peak of on Thursday.

FSA also introduced its new K-Force carbon convertible cantilever brake, targeted specifically at the cyclocross market with lighter weight and variable set up so that braking power and pad clearance can be selected according to course conditions.

The brake looks like a child of a TRP carbon EuroX and the Avid Shorty Ultimate. None was available to view when we grabbed the early info. Considering all the disc-ready bikes coming out, this is a unique introduction.

Update: The new FSA K-Force cyclocross brake will feature the same straddle carrier as the SL-K brakes, a sleek, adjustable carrier that has become one of our favorites. The brake itself won’t be available until around EuroBike, or around September 2011.  Kona / FSA team rider Barry Wicks is expected to rely on these new brakes for stopping duty this season, but has yet to receive or test a pair.