Italy’s Eva Lechner has been looking forward to the 2015-2016 cyclocross season getting underway. Her last major international UCI cyclocross race was filled with wonder as to what could have been had she not broken her bike at the first corner of Worlds.

Lechner would go on to turn in some of the fastest lap times of the day after her bad luck in Tabor, and if everything went right that day, she could have represented the rainbow jersey when her cyclocross season started in Vegas on Wednesday night.

Races are often filled with what-ifs, but Katerina Nash left no room for them on Wednesday with her blistering attack to take her fourth CrossVegas title, and leaving Lechner content with second place.

Cyclocross is amazing, and it was amazing to race here.

Lechner had just flown in and didn’t know what to expect. “I am pretty happy with the race today, especially because I just came over from Europe yesterday,” she explained. “I didn’t know how it would go, but I had a good start today and I am really happy.”

But it wasn’t a cake walk. “The course was pretty hard, pretty tough, and even with the wind, it made it even harder too,” Lechner explained.

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