The riders do their best to train in spite of the weather. ? Nathan Phillips

Basement training during crappy weather at the 2009/2010 camp. © Nathan Phillips

Since Christmas 2003, Geoff Proctor’s Belgium-based EuroCross Camp has been the vehicle for top cyclocross talent in the US to experience and race in Europe during the Christmas week of racing, at the sport’s highest level. For 2010/2011, the EuroCross camp returns with a whopping twenty cyclocross racers, including four Elites, seven U23 racers and nine juniors.

Curious about life at the camp? Be sure to see our in-depth EuroCross camp insider’s perspective in Issue 9 of the print mag by Nathan Phillips, as well as his online diaries from EuroCross Camp VII.

The EuroCross Camp VIII 2010/2011 Roster:

Elite Men
Sean Babcock, 28, (Kona)
Ryan Knapp, 27, (
Ryan Iddings, 27, (Redline)
Mitchell Hoke 23, (Cliff Bar Development Team)

Danny Summerhill, 22, (Garmin-Holowesko)
Jerome Townsend, 22, (’s Garage/Scott)
Steve Fisher, 21, (Rad Racing NW/Hagens-Berman)
Chris Hurst, 21, (Unattached)
Joe Schmalz, 21, (KCCX/Verge/Challenge)
Zach McDonald, 20, (Rapha/Focus Cyclocross Team)
Cody Kaiser, 19, (California Giant/Specialized)

Yannick Eckmann, 18, (Hot Tubes Development Team)
Jeff Bahnson, 18, (Van Dessel Factory Team)
Gunnar Bergey, 18, (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes)
Bjorn Fox, 18, (Clif Bar Development Team)
Kolben Preble, 18, (Clif Bar Development Team)
Jeremiah Dyer, 18, (Champion Systems/Cannondale)
Zane Godby, 17, (Clif Bar Development Team)
Cypress Gorry, 17, (WEB-OP)
Andrew Dillman, 17, (Red Zone Cycling)