Jeremy Durrin served up sausages at CSI to try to raise funds for his trip. Cyclocross Magazine

Jeremy Durrin served up sausages at CSI to try to raise funds for his trip. © Cyclocross Magazine

Jeremy Durrin is willing to do pretty much anything to get to Belgium to race this season … even selling sausage at a tent during Cycle-Smart International last weekend. The savvy 23-year-old could be spotted riding around the venue in his oft-commented-on shirtless style, with “Buy My Sausage” scrawled across his chest in Sharpie. The marketing tactics worked, and he’s well on his way to raising enough money to fund his trip. He’s not there yet, and he’s reaching out to the cyclocross community for some help. With some stellar UCI results on the East Coast this season, most recently a fourth place finish at Cycle-Smart International Day One, he’s on his way to — as Jeffrey Bramhall, the Shimano Series promoter, put it — a breakout performance.

AMHERST, MASSACHUSETTS — 23-year-old New England cyclocross racer Jeremy Durrin has a dream: to race cyclocross at its highest level. Jeremy will be taking a big step towards achieving that dream this December, when he travels to Europe to tackle some of the world’s biggest and most important cyclocross races.

As an up-and-coming racer, Durrin needs is asking for some help from the cyclocross community to help him in achieving his goals. Jeremy currently races for the J.A.M. Fund / NCC cyclocross team, whose mission is to help young, aspiring cyclists reach the pinnacle of their abilities. Jeremy first joined the team as one of their first developmental grant recipients, thanks to his ambition, enthusiasm for cycling, devotion to serving the cycling community and his abilities as a racer.

“This is my first year season concentrating on cyclocross. I am 23 years old and have been racing bikes for 3 years now. The past couple years I have dabbled in cyclocross a bit but was always using it as a way to train for road racing. After last season I fell in love with cyclocross and this year, I’m giving it 100% of my attention and see where I can take it.”

The early returns have been encouraging, as Durrin has stood on his fair share of podiums across New England and the Mid Atlantic already this season. Durrin is eager to improve his current racing ability and submerge himself against the best in the world.

“I feel strong on the bike, but my technical skills need to really come a long way to make it to the top. After talking with about it with Jeremy Powers, we decided that going to Europe will make me learn how to race the most technical and challenging conditions in cyclocross, so when I come back to the US I will hopefully be at the next level up from this current season.”

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Durrin’s tentative schedule is exciting, he’ll be jumping into the deep end at the UCI World Cup in Igorre, Spain on December 4. After that, he’ll hit the Superprestige and Gazet van Antwerpen series races.

“With all the travel and lodging for this trip, it is going to be expensive. My team has supplied me with all the equipment I’ll need while I’m over there. Now I’m doing the best I can to raise the funds to get there. The total budget for my trip is approximately $5,000. Regardless of how much I’m able to raise I’m going to make it happen, for me, for the team, and for everyone who has supported me over the years.”

With your help, Durrin can lead the way for young riders who want to experience European racing. With this groundwork in place, Durrin will lead other young riders by example, and show that Europe is not just for the select few.

Help fly the flag for young riders, for American cyclocross and for the sport as a whole by helping Jeremy Durrin.

Durrin riding to a fourth place finish at CSI Day 1. Cyclocross Magazine

Durrin riding to a fourth place finish at CSI Day 1. © Cyclocross Magazine

Stay tuned for more from Jeremy Durrin as his trip plans progress.