De Marchi has been making cycling apparel in Italy since 1946, originally under the name of Maglificio Sportivo before changing it to its current form. For years it was one of the premiere wool jersey and Buckskin cycling short companies in Europe. Today, De Marchi manufactures everything from performance bibs, to leather gloves, to casual dress shorts designed for cycling.

While De Marchi has plenty to offer in terms of high tech wear for the cyclocross course, we were taken back to yesteryear when a sample of its Cyclocross Heritage Cycling jersey arrived. The jersey line, made of 50% Merino wool and 50% acrylic, will bring back memories for some, and connect others with an era from before they were born.

Opening the packaging alone feels like you’re unearthing a cycling relic from decades ago, from the archives of a museum. De Marchi certainly paid attention to detail in the packaging and presentation of this commemorative jersey line (see the photos in the gallery below).

The De Marchi Heritage Jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

The De Marchi Heritage Jersey. © De Marchi

For 2015, De Marchi’s 1973 ’Cross Worlds London ’Cross Pack features eight new long-sleeve wool jerseys inspired by the riders of the 1973 World Cyclocross Championships at London’s Crystal Palace. The eight models include the jerseys from the following countries: Belgium, France, West Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland.

Every year the United States’ national team jerseys seem to go through a redesign, as if trying to constantly rebrand a cyclocross team with each World Championship. When we opened our test jersey of the De Marche Belgium National Team long-sleeve replica jersey of 1973, sitting right in front of us was a reminder that in other countries, the classic national jersey was remained just that, a classic, and classy.

Trying the jersey on for the first time, we thought it fit like a wool jersey should fit—comfortable, but not skin tight like a summer skinsuit. The length is a great fit for those with slightly longer arms. Sitting in the comforts of our home, it seemed almost ludicrous that modern cycling garments have gone away from comfort and stretch of wool, although we’ll have to see how that translates to mishaps and wet weather racing.

Above all else, however, the quality of the material and packaging is top-notch, but just see for yourself in the slider below.

De Marchi Cyclocross Heritage Cycling Jersey:

MSRP: $199.95
Material: 50% Merino wool and 50% acrylic
Country/Color options: Belgium, France, West Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland
Cut: Semi-anatomic fit, three rear button pockets
Zipper: Nickel-free metal zipper
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The De Marchi Heritage Jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

The De Marchi Heritage Jersey came in a complete package designed to impress. © Cyclocross Magazine

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