Compton stood on top of the podium at the 2009 edition of CrossVegas. Courtesy Brook Watts.

Podium Bonus Increases Payout to Top Women

CrossVegas organizer Brook Watts announced today a boost to the prize list for the top three spots in the Elite Women’s race. Terming it a “podium bonus,” the top three finishers will receive $500 added to the UCI-mandated prize list. While still lower than the Men’s prize list, the top three spots for the Elite Women will now pay  $766, $687 and $643, respectively.

“Would I prefer to be announcing 100 percent equality in women’s and men’s prizes? Absolutely, I would. However, despite our current economic climate, I’m pleased to be able to move the bar up a notch in recognition of the equal effort put in by the Elite women’s field at CrossVegas,” Watts stated.

“There has been a lot of chatter in the online world in the last few days about the CrossVegas prize list. What doesn’t get publicized is the work that goes on behind the scenes by me and other interested parties trying to raise the necessary funds to make fundamental changes like this, not only for CrossVegas but other cyclocross races as well.”

Watts called attention to his success at getting the NACT series prize lists equal for both men and women. “Changes like the NACT purse and the CrossVegas podium bonus have been in the works for some time, so it makes some of the recent criticisms frustrating,” said Watts.

Addressing a disparity in prizes that exists in all disciplines of cycling, Watts called upon the leaders of road and MTB cycling, in addition to cyclocross, to look at the issue as a group to develop a solution. “It seems like ’cross has been singled out for an issue that cuts across all cycling and in fact all sports.”

CrossVegas is the biggest cyclocross race in America and takes place Wednesday, September 22, in Las Vegas during the Interbike tradeshow. Watts promises an announcement of confirmed riders in the next few days, including a few European surprises. Complete information is available at