Aesthetically speaking, Catlike helmets have a dichotomy of reactions. On one hand, you have the folks who watched Nairo Quintana of Movistar race up the climbs of the Giro d’Italia, looking well-ventilated with a sexy pink helmet. On the other hand, you have those who claim to suffer from Trypophobia, and can’t shake the images of so many holes together in one place from their head.

We recently received a Catlike Mixino as members of the third camp: those looking to see how the helmet would fare in cyclocross conditions, and today we’re offering a first look of our Catlike Mixino test model that just so happens to be in CXM colors.

Like most Catlike helmets, the Mixino comes in three separate sizes: Small for a head size of 52-54cm, Medium for 55-57cm and Large for 58-60cm. The most readily apparent feature is the multitude of vents (39 in total), which after a few initial rides (without crashing), proves to offer a very airy feel.

For those who are afraid that inclement weather or course conditions will affect their ride more than normal due to the large amount of vents need not worry. Catlike offers both rain shells, which include a small visor in the front, and aero shells for the days where you know you will be putting your head in the wind.  For those riders who want a permanent aerodynamic advantage and don’t have trouble keeping their head cool, Catlike also makes an aero version.

With so many vents on their standard model, the foam feels like it’s relatively high in density, but beneath the surface, there’s a honeycomb-like material that is designed to absorb more energy than traditional foam (similar in theory to the Smith Overtake helmet, with its bright green visible Koroyd honeycomb).

There’s also an Aramid Roll Cage beneath the surface. The aramid fibers utilize graphene nano-fiber, said to help the helmet absorb more energy upon impact. For padding, the Mixino uses Outlast, a material often used in winter gloves and boots, designed to regulate temperatures in hot and cold.

The Catlike Mixino offers a lightweight, highly-vented and unique-looking lid to protect your noggin during cyclocross and any other type of cycling. While we hope not to fully test its protective capabilities, stay tuned for more feedback on the helmet as we give it an extended test.

Catlike Mixino Helmet Specs:

MSRP: $299
Weight: 277g tested (260g list)
More Info:

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Catlike Mixino helmet. © Cyclocross Magazine

Catlike Mixino helmet. © Cyclocross Magazine

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